Hello, I’m Niels, welcome to my blog.

It has been more than 5 years that I have tried many different online businesses and gathered data and experiences from it.

Nevertheless, my over curiosity, distractions, and perfectionism, made me re-questioning myself and finally quit and fail many times.

Mainly due to the mistakes I have done.

I am here to give you the shortcuts not to make these mistakes and to prevent you to waste your time on things that will not make you successful.


Every time, the story started in the same way:

Working a 9-6 Job, important responsibilities, but I was always attracted by making a side (passive) income with online businesses.

We are now back in 2014 as I was Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe Middle East for a Pharmaceutical Firm in Switzerland, in charge of all Sales/Marketing strategy for +20 countries, all speaking different languages, different consumer markets, different needs, and strategies to be implemented, especially Online.

During my business trips, I was often typing the typical “how to make money online”, reading blogs, watching videos, and later on, buying courses from “Gurus”.

When I was finding something interesting, then I started to:

  • Look for information about it (my over curiosity), getting quickly overwhelmed by the information.
  • Watching countless hours of people talking about it on Youtube.
  • Implement the business in all of his small details behind my computer (eg. Shopify store design)
  • Spend countless hours on learning web design, logo making, funnels, social media implementations.
  • Creating Sole Companies and opening bank accounts. (sometimes)
  • Never making a real passive living because I did not focus enough on one business and got overwhelmed.
  • Loose time and money.

Then the clock says “Tick-Tack”. If you do not TAKE ACTION now and only half-try by starting a little bit of everything; you will never succeed in earning money online and you will find yourself in your same 9-6 job next year.


Here is my motto…

“One Personality, One Business, One Focus.”

Do you want to make the same mistakes over and over or not? Be never really taking action?

Not finding the right business that suits you?

You do not want to waste your time again and again…


Here is my story…

…from long time failures to finally earning a stable Passive Income…


1. The discovery – learning phase (4 years)


My Story

Between 2013 and 2017 I was taking around 60-70 flights per year for my job. It was too much. My position was an Area Sales Manager in a Pharma Firm in Switzerland. I was in charge of more than +20 countries in total.

I was doing Freelancing on Fiverr and Upwork to earn a little side money. It taught me everything I know today, but it took time, patience, self-doubt and failure.

I was spending my life in hotels, airports, restaurants, not a real social life except abroad, traveling alone most of the time and impossible to get a stable relationship.

Since my childhood, I am interested in online sales and computers. I started at the beginning of eBay many years ago, repairing computers’ software and making hardware installations, network configurations, etc.

To fill my free time in all those countries, I decided to start learning new processes to earn money online and get rid of my 9-6 Job. Freelancing was just not fast enough.

However, getting paid by the tasks is a good way to learn and the logical initial step for building an Online Business.

I quit my job during the summer of 2017. I could not do it anymore; my entrepreneurial spirit was calling me.


2. The Russian Experience – tried something new and failed.


In September 2017, I went to Russia to learn the language for several months and to study the market to launch a possible business in food. I was speaking already 4 languages with all my travels; I wanted to learn a new one.

I have cooked French pancakes for Children’s schools and met interesting people!

However, the market at that time during the US sanctions was not giving any green lights for us to launch our business.


My Story


It has last 4 months, but I learned a new language and the experience was amazing.


My Story


3. Online Business Skills: “All-in” or “Nothing”


My Story

In December 2017 after Russia, I understood quickly that if I wanted to earn more money online and make a living from it, I will have to focus more and not to do it “like this in a chill way” on the side and not seriously enough.

I decided to develop my IT skills at a higher level to go “All-in” for it and to start a real online business on my own.

I could live for some time as I was freelance paid by the tasks on many different platforms already for some years, I was earning mainly between 100$ and 2000$ per month the biggest months. I was using up my savings quite fast…

Since 2014, I am doing Freelancing jobs between my flights, in hotels and in my free time. Designing websites, ads campaigns, online presence, SEO. Everything I learned during those 4 years with my own online business was with courses, tutorials, blogs, etc. But it was making me only a few bucks because I never took it seriously enough.

My problem was: I could never focus on only one online business to make a real living with it. I failed and lost money and a lot of times. I got distracted, it was taking me too long to implement a long time business and I was not patient and focused.


4. The sin – The Get Rich Quick syndrome


My Story

Dropshipping – Amazon:

Many Gurus were talking about Dropshipping at first. I did it for 9 weeks, then fail like 98% of the people starting this business, I did only a few 100s $ of sales in different boutiques. But I realized quickly the hassle behind the scene and that big numbers mean nothing (poor margins after-tax, highly time taking). Not a passive income for me as you have to find constantly new ideas of physical products to sell.

I tried to sell “Connected Backpacks, Survival stuff, Pets accessories” via Facebook Ads using techniques like Dropship Spy where they give all in one video ads; audiences, etc. The problem was that I was afraid to put more than 10$/day as a budget and I was not so good at A/B testing, Lal audiences, retargeting, etc.

Moreover, for example, on a 5’000$ sales turnover, after paying everything, you might probably be left with less than 1000$.

Results: I did 4 boutiques, general Bazar stores a little bit-oriented, did few sales in each, did not know how to scale really and I was afraid to lose money. I scaled my last shop with pets accessories. It worked. But in the end, I lost 3000$ with a fake supplier in China found on Aliexpress who did not send any packages to the customers and sending me fake tracking numbers. I had to refund everyone and it drowns me.

I learned a lesson.

Site Flipping: 

Then I decided to try something with less hassle. I found on YouTube a video on “how to make money fast in 2018”, a guy was buying websites already making automated money. It was on Flippa.com

I bought a blog on Beer Brewing at home for another 3500$ (still online as I sold it later on: www.homebrewerytips.com and this blog was supposedly making 1500$ dollar per month with CPM and CPC Ads. I was naive. There was only Bot traffic on the site. This Indian guy fraud me, I knew nothing about affiliate marketing and banner ads, but the site was making 0$ and the screenshots of the payments he sent me before buying his site were fake. How naive I was.

Automated sites: My Story

I bought a bunch of startup websites supposedly making some passive income money. Get Rich Quick system, by doing nothing. But if you don’t know how to advertise your site, it will be a pure loss of money invested. It was mostly Amazon Affiliates sites.

Result: I lost another 3500$. I learned another lesson. I bought software here and there + 2000$ from a dropshipping course. Total lost: +10,000$ including everything.


I tried many other systems to get immediate money online, but you understand quickly that to make a living with it, there are NO shortcuts and NO Get Rich schemes.



5. The comeback – Never give up mindset: (work your ass off!)


My Story


There is NO Magic Button – Make fast money online. Remember that once more. Time, efforts, mindset, patience, failure, will always be the key skills to have to be successful in any online business.

In the end, I had all of these new IT skills; I decided to open a Sole company as a Digital Marketing Agency. I did my company website, added some work done in the past and launched. I was finding clients, doing some of the jobs but outsourcing the rest in Asia.

Meanwhile, I did use these skills to monetize my Amazon affiliate sites, niche sites, blogs for my Agency clients and myself.

And it finally took off after Hard work.




To run these websites, you have to learn everything about: My Story

  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO organic traffic methods
  • Paid traffic
  • Lead acquisition
  • CPA Marketing
  • Web design, landing pages
  • Email marketing, sales funnel…

It requires of lot of patience, dedication, passion, and focus (and some budget to start).

As I lost already all of this money, I had to improve my panel of online skills to make these websites worth of money.

It took me another full year and 100s of hours of blogs reading, watching, courses followed, data gathering. Since I had already many skills in online businesses via freelancing, I could not come back to a 9-6 Job, it would have been an ABSOLUTE FAILURE.





Finally…it took off!My Story

Since the Affiliate Marketing business model was matching a lot my personality, skills in sales and in marketing. I started to make solo ads via Clickbank, Facebook ads, YouTube and Google on many different products. Building one-page websites, pre-sale pages, sales email funnels; I discovered the power of affiliate marketing to earn a passive income. I have now 100s of links on many products everywhere.

I am building now this blog to talk about my journey of learning, help others not to do the mistakes I did and not to lose time and money. Using the right tools is also important and finding a business that is matching your personality and passion is important. I am planning to build a YouTube channel as well about that.

I can now scale a lot of different kinds of ads on various affiliate platforms with the use of many different tools that I have learned to use along the way.

I ended by having gathered an enormous amount of data about online businesses, digital marketing, site monetization, along my journey since 2014.

My Story

In late 2018, as said above, I realized that my personality changed into an OBPF: Opportunity Base Product Focus.

I like to find constant new opportunities to make money online and trying new tools to create yourself this financial freedom you are looking for.

I used so many different software, products, and businesses online that I decided to write a blog about it and help beginners or experienced entrepreneurs to achieve their financial freedom and earn a passive income.



My ultimate goals

Expertise and Education,

applied to Earn a Passive Income with Online Businesses,

as I always did in my career as a Strategic Sales Consultant for many brands

and Area Sales Manager for more than 20 countries.


Why do I think I am qualified to add value to my readers in this blog?

  1. I learned enough about myself (and in my digital marketing career) to make it work.
  2. I used to work for the last 5 years with a large amount of software and digital products to make a passive income living.
  3. I tried many different online businesses and worked for many customers +200 in those 5 years with a large variety of tasks.
  4. I have established online product implementation strategies in different cultures and languages for many different targets in +20 countries.
  5. I learned lessons and failed in many because of the mistakes I did, only with experience and failure, you know what’s working and what’s not.

See you on my pages!

My Story

My Story