Best Link building strategies in 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

In search engine optimization (SEO), link building is equivalent to currency and highly valuable. Today, it is impossible for a website to be searchable without some link building. Content managers and marketers must know the link building strategies to robust the respective websites.

Earning links pointing back to your domain will increase the page authority and facilitate the growth of your domain level.  The links stand as the level of confidence of your website to the other while telling Google that your domain is authoritative.

SEO experts say that seventy-five percent  (75%) of SEO are off-page while the remaining twenty-five percent is on-page. The best way to optimize your website for search engines is when a website receives links from other sites with high domain authority, the more it grows its page authority and achieving a higher rank on Google page.

link building strategies

Why Link Building Strategies Are Important?

Google aims to rank the most trustworthy domain and the hyperlink is a marker of Google’s algorithm on trustworthiness. It uses a number of quality inbound links to define trust. The strategy of companies is to use link building to intentionally generate inbound links and increase domain authority. It also increases the traffic of visitors through the clicking of links.

The year 2021 is another exciting and challenging year for SEO practitioners and digital marketers. The digital market is increasing its level of competition. Page optimization will be a hot topic all over the digital world. We will be sharing you the best way to optimize your website for search engines.

At the start of the year 2020, Google announced that they are doing a core update. Many SEO professionals got confused and startled. Google slightly made tweaks on importance, order, weights and values of page ranking and signals. Despite the announcement, many SEO professionals got confused and still finding satisfying remarks from Google.


Best Way To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines


  1. Proper and correct guest posting

The most common and popular strategy of search engine optimization SEO services among bloggers is to write content for other domain owners and generate collaboration. Usually, the guest poster is allowed at least one backlink. However, you need to do it in the right way. You should not write content and create a build link to the website that is not relevant to your own website. It will create inconsistencies and gaps between the host website and your niche.

The best way to make sure that you will ethically follow the correct process is started with prospecting. Think of keywords related to your niche and add advanced operators. For example:

Keyword + “looking for guest posts”

Keyword + “submit guest article”

Keyword + “guest blog post”

You need to make better editorial planning. Use keyword research and planning tools and make a good starting point.

You need to qualify the prospects depending on your preference which includes the metrics of domain authority. Reach out to these prospects and showcase them your sample writings.


  1. Never make too many link building

Do not scatter too many links. Most of the new content writers are overwhelmed by putting many links as possible. The technique will not be helpful at all. The content can be marked as spam. Before you start writing the content, make sure you have a clear goal and purpose of the article. What does the article would like to say? What appropriate links that should be considered when writing the content.

The content must be well written enough to catch the attention of the target audience. The links must justify their relationship to your content. Well-Written content is the backbone of building links.

best way to optimize your website for search engines

  1. Choose websites with high page authority

The quality and trustworthiness of the links you tap counts. Domain authority is the measurement of the integrity of a website. Getting the link of higher domain authority will have a higher likelihood of increasing your traffic since these domains are also getting higher traffic on their own.

  1. Choose the new domains over the domains that are already used as a link

Remember that there will always be diminishing returns of links used in the same domain. Meaning, it is a website with a domain authority of 80 will pass a significant authority to the site that used it as a link. Getting a link to a new website, although it has a lower domain authority, it is significantly the best search engine optimization SEO services. However, it is not a cast-in-stone scenario as it takes time to build but establishing a long term and sustaining page rank.

  1. Links must have an added value to target readers

Do not just pick and create the link. Make sure that the nicely written content must define as well the purpose and function of the link. The links must be useful to the readers such as an additional reading material of the topic or can be a citation of certain related and valuable studies. It can also be a valuable pathway for what the reader is trying to seek. Some practices are they use the links to give humor.

  1. Always plan the link building at the first 100-150 words of your article

Most of the SEO professionals prove that links placed in the early part of content give more domain authority. Even putting the link in the header or footer will be valuable. Doing so can lead to a referral and generate traffic. Placing the link in the early part can easily catch the attention and increase the visibility and clicks.

  1. Do not make link more than one domain in one article

It can be possible that you place several relevant links in your content but it will give you less domain authority. Linking too much will give you a red flag where the Google search algorithm will suspect you as spam.

  1. Anchor texts are still relevant

In the early days of popularization of search engine optimization, the professionals use anchor text matching exactly the same as the target keywords and phrases. But today Google semantic search updates made the practice as counterproductive and can be tagged as keyword stuffing. In effect, it can harm your article.

Anchor text is still relevant in SEO and link building. However, anchor text must be written in a way that it describes the content you are linking. The phrase must be organically blended to the whole body of the article.

  1. Do not focus on quantity although it’s sensible

At some point, link building is a numbers game. The number of links will sensibly give a pathway towards getting higher page authority and page ranking. But, never make it as a priority but focus on good links so that the content will be formed appropriately

  1. Backlink building is necessary

The following are link building strategies to take to get backlinks from other content owners;

  • Make sure that the content you are writing is worth to become a valuable reference for others. The content must contain good data for reference such as figures, statistics, arguments and other relevant information that people must need or want to know
  • Social media is the best platform to promote your content. Sharing the content in social media can lead readers to your website
  • No man is an island. Be generous in giving comments as well as regular posts in the forum. Remember that you can earn more links if readers and other content writers identify you as a reputable and trusted source.
  • You can find other content writers and experts of your niche and propose to work together in a shared piece of article.








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