11 Ways To Monetize Your Blog in 2021

You are an experienced blogger or a beginner and you are wondering which are the new ways to monetize a blog in 2021? But more importantly, the best ways? well, it depends on your skills and personality.

Do you want to make a living from your blog? Being able to be financially free, to go to live in the country you want to settle for a long time or being a Digital Nomad?

You have heard that you can make a living with your blog, but you want to know how much you can earn and which ways to monetize are the most corresponding to your profile? Learn how to monetize your blog and make money.

How to make your blog earn money?

For each way to monetize, you will find the following four pieces of information:

  • What is it?
  • How can you make a living with it?
  • How to set it up?
  • Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

If you want to come back to the article, please check the table of content And so that you don’t have to re-read everything a second time when you come back to the article later, you will find a summary table at the top of the article with:

  • The 11 ways of monetization
  • How much you can expect to ear with : (low, medium and high estimates)
  • How to generate 3000$ monthly income with this way of monetization

A. Monetize your blog with Advertising

Advertising is known to be the most common way to earn your living as a blogger, however, if you want to make a living with your blog, I do not recommend this way of monetization. You will understand why by reading the details of this part of advertising.

1. CPC Advertising (Cost Per Click)

how to monetize your blog and make money

What is Click Advertising?

This way to monetize is to display advertising banners on your blog like Adsense for instance. You earn money as soon as a visitor clicks on one of these banners.

The type of advertising that can be displayed can be text, image, or video.

The ad is created by a brand and an intermediary (like Google for Adsense) who decides which advertisement will be displayed. Same for Facebook Ads.

For example, you have been visiting the same day Amazon checking backpacks, you might see again the same backpacks appearing in the ad, this is a kind of indirect re-targeting.

The goal is to maximize the chances of clicks (by putting an advertisement in connection with the subject of the blog or a website, product or services that you have been checking lately). This is all because of your browser cookies in the case of Adsense. Otherwise, this will be an ad related to the content of the blog most of the time.

how to monetize your blog and make money

The average cost per click (CPC) on Facebook ads is $1.68 across all industries.

How to make a blog and earn money with CPC Advertising?

As for a simple banner ad (not Adsense), let’s say we earn for each click about 0,25$ (variable according to the sites and the advertisements).

Admitting that 100% of site visitors click on one of these advertisements, you could ear not so bad, however, the click rate is around 5% (very dependent on the site and the theme), which gives the following income:

ways to monetize a blog in 2020


To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take :
  • 12,000 clicks
  • 240,000 monthly visitors  (8,000 daily).

It’s a lot. Some bloggers that are novices were telling me lately that, to get 400 visitors daily, it takes 4 to 12 months depending on the niche and the blogger skills.

Moreover, the 5% CTR is only an average and depends on the blog niche.

But we can combine this with Google Adsense.

How to set it up?

Register your site on Google Adsense or look at the Ad Network Directory.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

I did not choose Adsense like many blogs nowadays because:

I feel that I bring much more value if I offer valuable free content and business reviews from my experience than spamming random ads in the middle of articles that are not related to the page content. Otherwise, I prefer to review product software (or physical in my other niches blogs) and services SaaS that are useful to create a passive income.

This income is related only to traffic and it would take a lot of visitors to make a living just with that and it deteriorates the image of your blog by being too spammy.

Facebook Ads and Bing Ads are large topics, I will come back to it in another blog post.

TOP PICKS: CPC Ad Networks in 2021

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Bing ads
  4. Media Net
  5. Bidvertiser
  6. Revcontent
  7. Adroll
  8. Advertise.com
  9. Vibrantmedia
  10. Leadbolt
Directory of Ad Networks:


For more information, find detailed reviews of the best CPC Ad network in 2020.


2. CPM Advertising (Cost Per Thousand)

What is CPM Advertising?

Similar to CPC advertising: we let the intermediary post advertisements on our blog.

The difference is in how you make money: you make money when the ad is displayed 1,000 times instead of making money when the visitor clicks one time.

How to make a blog and earn money With CPM Advertising?

CPM advertising ranges from around 0,10$ to 10$, so the results can vary for bloggers. An average estimate of 5$ is observed by many bloggers.

There is no need to worry about the CTA here. On the other hand, you only get money for every thousand advertising “impressions” (displays).

If we take the minimum CPC observed at 0,10$: (to make it simple, consider that the advertisement is on the home page and that 100% of our visitors see this home page):

how to monetize your blog and make money

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

  • 30 million displays / monthly visitors (CPM at 0,10$)
  • 600,000 displays / monthly visitors (CPM at 5$)

The average estimate comes to the same conclusion as for CPC Advertising. But the low estimate seems far from being profitable to live on.

But, similarly, we can combine this with other sources of income.

How to set it up?

Find platforms that offer CPM revenues. You will need to register as a “publisher” / “advertiser”.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

Same as for CPC Advertising.

TOP PICKS: CPM Ad Networks in 2021

  1. PropelleradsHillTopAds
  2. Clickadu
  3. Conversant media
  4. Exponential

For more information, find detailed reviews of the best CPM Ad network in 2020.

3. Sponsored Tweets

how to monetize your blog and make money

What is a Sponsored Tweet?

Sponsored tweets follow the same principle as sponsored articles: we get paid to post a tweet to our community on Twitter.

How to make your blog earn money With Sponsored Tweets?

The remuneration for a tweet depends on the number of followers, the number of publications, re-tweets, and other criteria.

A tweet can be paid between 0.01$ and 500$. We will take the example from 0,10$ up to 10$.

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

  • 30,000 monthly tweets (0.10$)
  • 300 monthly tweets (10$) 5 tweets per day.

But to reach this sponsored tweet amount (10$), you will need to have a shiny account with many followers, a community, some kind of celebrity let’s say.

Here, this type of monetization can only be an extra income, by tweeting here and there. But if we do 5 sponsored tweets a day, this might be already a lot for the audience.

How to set it up?

Register on Twitter Ads first.

Find sites that offer paid sponsored tweets. See the list below.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

It starts to be interesting when our tweets are valued at more than 10$. But it remains advertisements, with which I do not like personally.

TOP PICKS: Twitter Ad Networks in 2021

  1. Twitter Ads
  2. Newmode Net
  3. Ad Ly
  4. Tradedoubler


4. Sponsored articles

how to monetize your blog and make money

What are sponsored articles?

A sponsored article is an article that you write on your blog, at the request of a brand or another blogger, which pays us to write this article.

Do not mix up with Guest Blogging. Detailed difference explained here.

The Difference Between Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts:

  • Guest post requests: Emails from other bloggers, famous or beginners, that want to post their articles on your blog.
  • Sponsored Posts: Emails from companies asking if you can sponsor a product, a change in the company, a press release, or some other piece of content.

How to make a blog and earn money with Sponsored Articles?

A sponsored article can be paid between 30$ and 100$ on average.

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

  • 100 articles per month at 30$, or 5 articles per day working 5 days a week
  • 30 articles per month at 30$, or 1 article per day working 5 days a week

Publishing 7.5 articles in a week is huge. At this speed, you will lose your readers. But you have to add your articles as well, otherwise, it would not look good if you have only sponsored ones.

How to set it up?

You can look at the below platforms. They link advertisers (brands) with publishers (bloggers), you have a lot of choices in publishers depending on values ​​/ desires/opinions.

As a blogger, you have to belive in what you do, be authentic and transparent, your community is important, make them believe that they trust you. Do not write something just to earn a few bucks if you do not believe in what you write.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

As you can see, it is not humanely possible to live ONLY on sponsored articles.

We are free to choose the articles we want to publish and the amounts are already more interesting than advertising.

But, as said before, sponsored articles must only be seen as an extra income.

Interacting with an advertiser takes work and time. Be careful not to be taken away from your primary goals and to put too many efforts into something that might not make you a living.

If you start to be a famous blogger in your niche after some years, then it might be a good source of revenue, but it’s not passive. (expect if you have affiliate links in your articles).

The good thing about it is that it can give you the self-confidence to get paid to write an article and get a few bucks at the beginning if you like to write.

TOP PICKS: Sponsored Ad Networks in 2021

  1. Buysellads
  2. Seedingup
  3. Blogvertise
  4. Grouphigh
  5. Cision
  6. Whitepress Net
  7. Pressboard
  8. Markerly

For more information, find here a detailed explanation of what is a sponsored content


B. Monetize your Blog by Selling/Promoting Products

5. Affiliate Marketing

how to monetize your blog and make money

What is affiliation?

Affiliation is recommending a brand’s product (physical or virtual) via different sources of traffic to earn, depending on the product and best way on how to monetize your blog and make money

  • a commission on the sale
  • a commission for an action carried out by the Internet user (ex: registration on a site) via your affiliate unique link.
  • a payment for each click

Since Affiliate Marketing is wide, I will break it down in 3 main categories:

  • Physical products sales: Like Amazon affiliate or any similar platforms with an affiliate program
  • Digital products: Affiliate sales platform like Clickbank, JVzoo
  • SaaS products: Subscription as a Software like Shopify, Leadpages, Aweber

How to make a blog and earn money with membership sites promotion (SaaS)?

  • Physical product sales: On Amazon, if we recommend a headphone and it is bought by one of our readers, we get about 6% of the sale. For a 10$ book, that’s 0,60$.
  • Digital products sales: (more profitable)

One shot sale : 50% of a diet program at 100$ = 50$.

SaaS sale: 50% of commission on a 50$ / month subscription software. It is 25$ monthly. 

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

Amazon affiliate sales:

  • Book (low ticket): 4,285 monthly purchases via the affiliate link at 4,5% for a book at 10$
  • Headphone (high ticket): 500 monthly purchases via the affiliate link at 6% for a book at 100$

SaaS subscription sales: (recurring Passive Income)

  • 120 monthly registrations via the affiliate link with an average estimate of 25% of the commission per registration.

Digital products sales: (recurring Passive Income, one-shot sale)

  • Low ticket: 70 monthly sales via the affiliate link at 50$ per sale. Ex: a fat loss program, one-time payment on Clickbank. No rebill.
  • High ticket: 6 monthly sales via the affiliate link at 400$ per sale. Ex: an online course from a recognized Mentor.

How to set it up?

As a blogger, register on an affiliate platform, find a product you want to recommend and put the affiliate link in an article. Or find brands that offer affiliation programs (they may have an “affiliation” page on their site), or type on Google “Brands + affiliate program”.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

  • Amazon affiliate sales :

If you sell only low ticket products on Amazon or Clickbank, it will only remain an extra income. To sell +4000 books a month via your links, you will need probably +1 million monthly visitors on your site. It will be easier if you have a Youtube channel with a lot of followers and 100,000’s views on each of your videos.

I would recommend Youtube and specialized Niche shopping sites for Amazon if you want to make a real passive income out of it.

  • Digital Products: (one-shot or recurring subscription)

This is my preferred source of passive income and the one I would recommend the most. As you have seen in the above examples, if you sell only a few high ticket digital products, it will ensure you a good living, especially if this is recurring payments. This is harder to master as the learning phase is longer (which products in front of which audience via the right channel). But if you are patient and do the rights things, it can become an amazing source of passive income.

It will require you to:

  • Drive regular traffic to your offers via different platforms (mentioned above)
  • Make sure the audience targeted has an interest in these products
  • Knowing different marketing techniques to promote these products the effort we put into promoting these products.
  • Create regularly new free content
  • Bring a real value to your audience

My ultimate suggestions: 

  • Recommend and review high prices products, so that the commission is high
  • Recommend and review SaaS products with recurring monthly subscriptions to enjoy recurring monthly commissions

The way you will recommend these products depends on you and your personality, creativity and understanding your audience’s needs. it can be a Youtube channel, a blog, a review website, Facebook ads, Pinterest, Etsy…

Affiliate Marketing is, as per my opinion, the best source of “passive” income: once we have put a link somewhere, we have nothing more to do (except driving traffic to it by giving valuable additional content to the audience).

As a good blogger, I think you should only recommend products that you trust and have enjoyed using yourself.

The greatest way to make tons of money is to sell ​​your products and services when you will be more experienced.

As for my case, affiliate marketing has brought me for several years now a real financial freedom and being able to work from anywhere in the world while traveling.

TOP PICKS: Affiliate platforms


6. Digital books (ebooks)

how to monetize your blog and make money

What is a digital book?

The idea is to write dozens of pages on a topic related to our blog. You can also outsource it on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork if you have a budget).

By converting it to PDF and/or Kindle, you can offer your book for sale on Amazon, other platforms (like Kobo, a competitor to Kindle), and on your site.

How to make your blog earn money with an e-book?

You can sell your book between 5 and 30$ (or more if this is worth it), depending on the subject, the effort you put into creating the book, and the price the public will be willing to pay.

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

Income comparison with 4 different prices.

  • 600 ebooks/month at 5$ sales price
  • 300 ebooks/month at 10$ sales price
  • 150 ebooks/month at 20$ sales price
  • 100 ebooks/month at 30$ sales price

If you are not already a public figure, these numbers will be difficult to reach.

If you are selling to your email subscribers list to buy the book : (1000 people)

  • 5$ ebook: you need a 60% conversion rate (dream of it!)
  • 10$ ebook: you need a 30% conversion rate (very rare)
  • 20$ ebook: you need a 15% conversion rate (achievable but still high)
  • 30$ ebook: you need a 7,5% conversion rate (more reasonable but still high)

With an email subscriber list of 1000 persons, either you need to sell your e-book if worth it, you need to increase the number of people on your list.

However, it remains “one-shot” sales and this is not passive (except if you grow your email subscriber list continuously), but the ratio efforts vs the amount of money generated is not worth it.

On the other hand, re-known bloggers with +100,000 email subscribers selling their e-book brings for them substantial revenues. But to become an authority in your niche, it takes a long time and constant efforts. To continue to earn this income month by month, you need to have very good communication skills and get lots of reviews to influence other people to buy.

How to set it up?

For a publication on Amazon, follow the instructions on their site.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

This is difficult to live only on digital books.

But once you have created your book and put it online, you may very well not touch anything and still earn some extra income. Because the book can be found via keywords in the Amazon search engine (and Kobo, etc.). So people can continue to buy your book long after it has been published, and thus bring you a source of passive income.

From this point of view, the digital book could be interesting as an additional income.

Remember what is important:

  • Target properly your audience who the ebook is for and write it based on that (marketing aspect of the product)
  • Spend time asking people to write reviews and comments at the start, to influence others to buy the ebook afterward.


7. Digital Shop in your blog

how to make a blog and earn money

What is a digital shop on a blog?

Ebooks are not the only product you can sell and a way on how to monetize your blog and make money. You can sell other digital (software, application, etc.) or physical (watches, electronics, clothing, beauty products, nutrition products. These products must be directly related to the subject of the blog. With this type of business, we are becoming more an e-commerce store with product reviews.

How to make a blog and earn money with a digital shop?

Income depends on:

  • Price of the product offered
  • Website traffic, the more you have, the more you sell
  • Diversify your sales channels: Blog, Youtube, eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, review niche sites, etc. The more you have, the more you sell.

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

Income comparison with 4 different prices.

  • 600 products/month for a sales price of 5$
  • 150 products/month for a sales price of 20$
  • 60 products/month for a sales price of 50$
  • 30 products/month for a sales price of 100$

In itself, each of these results is possible but depends on our ability to execute (choose the right sales channels, succeed in attracting traffic …)

How to set it up?

You have to create your products or sell via dropshipping and then choose how you will sell them.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

Selling your products involves something much heavier: the production of it if that is your own.

If this is not your product, you will probably do dropshipping, but it involves many responsibilities and other fees in the back office. Then we do more e-commerce in this case.

I have been doing dropshipping for a while, it can be very rewarding if you succeed to show the right product to the right audience with the right ads. Remember that +95% of people trying dropshipping fail in less than 6 months and lose money and time. Selling physical products that are not yours requires a big organization, logistics, customer center, virtual assistants, customs fees, VAT fees, etc. So I find it much more complex to set up than digital products.

If you want to know more information about dropshipping and getting free content, you can rely on those Youtube channels to know more.

C. Monetize your Blog with One-to-One Methods

8. Events, workshops, webinars

how to make a blog and earn money

What are events, workshops, webinars?

it depends on the subject and what we want to bring to our audience, these formats can be used more or less regularly. Many guys spamming us now to look at their free webinars where you learn a lot for the good ones.

What is the difference between the three?

  • Event: you invite everyone to meet at a given date and time, in a given place, to come and do something that has added value. Success stories, new trends, etc.
  • Workshops: it consists of doing exercises, learning new skills, etc. Participants are indeed extremely involved during the event.
  • Webinars: a blogger will speak on a specific to bring knowledge to his audience. The “webinar” is the web version of the “seminar”: the audience comes to listen to the blogger speak live, via an online live video conferencing tool.

How to make your blog earn money with events, workshops, webinars?

Events, Workshops: the price can range from 5$ to 50$. webinars are often free of charge.

If you organize an event for a whole day, or even several days, the price can range from 50$ to 1,000$ (if you are famous let’s say)

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

Income comparison with 5 different prices.

  • 600 participants/month for an event, workshop sold for 5$
  • 150 participants/month for an event, workshop sold for 20$
  • 60 participants/month for an event, workshop sold for 50$
  • 30 participants/month for an event, workshop sold for 100$
  • 3 participants/month for an event, workshop sold for 1,000$ (good luck!)

To get 600 participants per month seems hardly achievable. One-shot, yes but each month, good luck with that!

To get 30 to 60 participants per month seems more realistic. You have to either find 60 new people each month, for the same topic that you propose each month. Or change the topic (but then you have to create a new one) but this is a lot of work. But charging 100$ vs a 50$ event is harder!

How to set it up?

You need to understand what are the needs of your possible audience, design an event/workshop/webinar around that, fix a price, find a place and date, communicate about the event with a newsletter, on different communication channels, through a Facebook event…

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

I find that events, workshops, and webinars are interesting formats because you will be in direct contact with your audience. The workshops can bring a lot of added value because they involve the participants.

In blogging, the webinar is often used more in free format, as a “call” to attract people interested in the subject. Once you have these people’s attention, you can tell them about other (paid) products.

As a blogger, when you will start to build an audience with regular readers and viewers (in case you have a Youtube channel), you can start to implement this way to ear some more money.

Use it from time to time, for specific topics/occasions. Then, if you love to organize events, why not make it our business model. But “physical” events take away a lot of geographic freedom.

If you aim to become a Digital Nomad, I would go only for webinars as other workshops, events require a physical presence and time taking organization.

TOP PICKS: Webinars software in 2021

  1. Webminarjam
  2. Easywebminar
  3. Clickmeeting
  4. Everwebminar
  5. Gotowebminar
  6. Webminarninja
  7. Demio
  8. Getresponse
  9. Adobeconnect
  10. Webminarsonair

9. Coaching

how to make a blog and earn money

What is coaching?

Coaching is the act of accompanying a person through sessions. We can coach our readers on the subject we are dealing with. As an example, here is my coaching page.

There are two types of “coach”:

  • The “expert” coach: we bring our knowledge and know-how on a subject. We will explain to the coachee how to proceed. This type of coaching is suitable for bloggers who “know better than their coachee how to do it” because they have a skill that the coachee does not have (examples: SEO optimization, creating an ecological house, creating jewelry, etc.);
  • The “accompanying” coach: the role of this coach is to question the person so that they can find the answers to their questions themselves. This type of coach is a “mirror”, which makes it possible to realize blockages, inconsistencies. This type of coaching is suitable for everything related to personal development, professional and personal development … (I am this type of coach).

How much can you earn with coaching?

Everyone is free to set the price they want for coaching. On average, prices range from 50$ an hour to 150$ an hour.

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

  • 60 coaching sessions each month for coaching at 50$ per hour
  • 38 coaching sessions each month for coaching at 80$ per hour
  • 30 coaching sessions each month for coaching at 100$ per hour
  • 20 coaching sessions each month for coaching at 150$ per hour

All of these options are possible and possible. But depending on the time the blogger wants to spend coaching (and the price he sets). The more we are in a niche market (very targeted), and the more we are known, the more we can increase our prices.

How to set it up?

Coaching can be offered without having passed professional certification. But certification brings knowledge about this profession, as well as greater credibility.

If you want to be an “expert” coach, you have to think about methodologies to offer.

If you want to be a coach, it is good to know the posture that the coach must adopt. Because you must avoid suggesting things to the coachee or judge him by what he says. This type of coach must be in the understanding, in empathy, in benevolence.

Then decide the duration of the sessions that we offer, their price, and whether we do them face to face or by phone / Skype.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

Coaching is very interesting because it is the most direct and “intimate” point of contact that one can have with a reader. By listening to their needs and issues, we understand it much better and we can help them in a more personalized way than through articles.

It is possible to live only from this activity as a blogger. But this format remains restrictive: our timetable is linked to the appointments that the coaches have taken.


10. Freelance Writer

how to make your blog earn money

What is really to be a freelance?

If you have some specific skills, related to the subject of the blog (Copywriting, SEO, making websites..), you can also sell this skill as a freelance or service provider.

How to make a blog and earn money as a freelance writer?

The fee that you will charge for your tasks depends on what you offer.

I have employed several writers in all the corners of the world in the last couple of years and I know by experience that it takes about an hour to write 1,000 words, and charged me 0,03$ to 0,06$ per word, meaning to earn between 30$ to 60$ an hour.

Examples :

  • 1 article written / sold per week: 60$ x 4 weeks = 240$ / month
  • 1 article written / sold per day: 60$ x 20 working days = 1,300$ / month
  • 3 articles written / sold per day: 60$ x 3 articles x 20 working days = 3,600$ per month.

How to set it up?

Copywriter is a real job. You need to be good at it and experienced. If you like to write and are used to writing articles, you can get started.

If you are starting Blogging, I recommend that you train as a freelance copywriter and build up your cash flow to invest in another more rewarding online income than this one later on.

You can propose your services in a special section of your blog, and as I said before on different platforms.

The big cons are that you need to deal with B2B customers (companies) so it adds constraints compared to dealing with individuals.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

You can make a living as a freelance copywriter. But it implies to sell at 0,06$ per word (you can find way cheaper on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork) and to write 3 articles per day.

In my opinion, the ratio time taking vs revenues is not worth it, and this is not a passive income.

TOP PICKS: Freelancing platforms in 2021

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Onlinejobs.ph
  4. Freelancer.com
  5. People per hour
  6. Microworkers
  7. Flexjobs
  8. Solidgigs
  9. Linkedin
  10. Cloudpeeps
  11. Indeed

11. Online Courses

How to make your blog earn money

What are Online Courses?

Online training is THE way to monetize a blog with Affiliate Marketing. Providing online courses means creating educational content to your audience and a lot of added value on a specific topics. Those courses are often sold at the end of free webinars where you can see advertisements here and there. The content is very often given in a pre-recorded video format, where “students” can watch at their rhythm.

The online courses teach a person on a topic from point A to point B, it solves a problem. You can sell it all year long by keeping your advertising campaigns on-going. (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube ads are the preferred channels)

This format is particularly suitable when you have a loyal audience and retargeting works a lot.

How Much Can You Earn With Online Courses?

Depending on the content, duration, added value, online courses can be sold from 40$ to 2,000$ and more.

To earn a 3000$ monthly revenue, it would take:

Let’s say that you do advertising campaigns once a month for one week.

  • 75 people/month for a course sold for 40$
  • 30 people/month for a course sold for 100$
  • 10 people/month for a course sold for 300$
  • 5 people/month for a course sold for 600$
  • 3 people/month for a course sold at 1,000$
  • 1,5 people / month for a course sold 2,000$

And guess what, if you sell Online Courses as an affiliate marketer (not your course) via your blog, it is SCALABLE!

If you are not experienced enough in the business to launch your online courses, then promote as an affiliate good ones that have helped you to become better as a blogger or any other online skills that you might acquire during your journey.

How to scale it for an affiliate or a course owner?

With an online course at 100$ launched 4 times a year (or by promoting the course with 4 yearly campaigns on platforms like Youtube), just 30 participants buying each time the course, you will already make a good living from this course.

With more participants, we can expect very comfortable revenues! Although, do not forget that 25% will leave on the payment page (from my experience).

And if we have a 1,000$ online course that we launch only twice a year, how much can we earn?

  • 20,000$ per campaign if we manage to get 20 participants buying the course.
  • 40,000$ per campaign if we manage to get 40 participants buying the course. Etc.

As an affiliate, you might receive 40-50% of the commission from the course if the came to the webinar through your links.

The difference is that you can run the advertising campaign for the whole year. Not just twice a year.

How to set it up?

To reach the stage of selling online training, you must go through the following steps:

  • Find a blog topic that you are passionate about and aim to add value to your audience by giving them the shortcuts to knowledge as you will have all the research for them. People like the “Already done for your content” myself the first one.
  • Write at least 1 article per week about it
  • Communicate to make your blog known (guest posting on another blog that has an interesting community, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, comment on other blogs, in forums, Medium, Quora, Reddit, Slack…)
  • Create content (such as a guide) that you offer for free in exchange for emails from interested parties → This allows us to build up an email list of people who may one day be interested in purchasing our training online.
  • Once you have at least 400 people on your list, send a questionnaire to ask what their problem is (I love Quizzes)
  • Create or promote a training around this need.

Is this way to monetize your blog worth it?

As you can see in the above figures, this way to monetize your blog is THE way to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Those are passive income when done properly that will ensure you a financial freedom, travel the world and work from anywhere.

You need to be passionate by creating content and helping others to achieve their financial freedom by providing them “work already done for them”

To give you an idea, here the Courses list I have been following from my mentors in the last couple of years. This is insane what they became now.

TOP PICKS: Online Courses platforms in 2021

  1. Udemy (Web, Android, iOS) for launching your first course
  2. Teachable (Web, iOS) for marketing your course
  3. Thinkific (Web) for building a course from scratch
  4. Skillshare (Web, Android, iOS) for teaching creative skills
  5. Eliademy (Web) for creating a traditional MOOC
  6. Podia (Web) for putting up a digital storefront
  7. Kajabi (Web) for marketing a course on autopilot
  8. Ruzuku (Web) for hosting webinars
  9. WizIQ (Web, Android, iOS) for setting up a virtual classroom
  10. Learnworlds (Web, Android, iOS) for creating an online school

NB: Email List value for a blogger

We have talked about this topic in the affiliate marketing section for the e-book example.

As a blogger, your email list is your audience and is your gold mine. Propose your reader’s valuable free content always, help them to reach their goals and they will always reward you for that one day or another. When I trust someone, after joining his email list some time ago and that he has provided me valuable free content, if someday he proposes me to use a tool and go for an online course that might be a must-have to be successful in my business, then I will happily buy it.

TOP PICKS: Email List auto-responder software in 2021

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Getresponse
  3. Aweber
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Convertkit


How to monetize your blog and make money

There is a big difference between “monetizing your blog” and “earning a passive income with your blog”. You can easily find small sources of income for a few dollars as mentioned above, but if you accumulate all together you can make a living with it. However, look when taking vs revenues ratio in my reviews. We have only two hands and 24 hours in a day.

Choose what’s best for you and what corresponds the most to your personality and skills already acquired or the new ones you want to learn.

Being a blogger requires skills, learning curve and patience. As many people say, there is no MAGIC button and the money will flow from the sky to make money online.

Final recommendations

Implement a combination of several business models. The most common combination is Online training + coaching + affiliation + digital book.

In this article, I’ve introduced you to the most common ways to monetize his blog. But many others are appearing every day on the internet, be inventive and find it!

If you have reached till here, we hope that we have given you some idea about which way and software you will need to use to monetize your blog in 2021!


About me

I have been running my own Digital Marketing Agency for several years now, employed many people here and there, did some Freelance jobs, did E-commerce for some time, but Blogging and Affiliate Marketing were the two online businesses that were corresponding the most to the person I am.

Being very creative and curious by nature, I like to learn and pass-on my knowledge. I like to write and help people grow their online business and achieve their financial freedom by providing them the right information to build a passive income online.

Be persistent, patient, learn from your mistakes, always put yourself in question, never give up and all this hard work will pay off one for you.

Happy Passive Income!


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