11 Best Email Marketing Software in 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

In this millennium, traditional and old ways of marketing like giving flyers and dancing mascots are no longer the effective trending technique. If your business is not on the web, then your business fails to compete. The most important digital marketing strategy today is email marketing. Platforms are not hard and intimidating but more fun and exciting.

Today, this article will teach you the best email marketing automation platforms you can avail of and make your business grow. Yes! Email is one of the marketing solutions to make your business grow. You may be wondering since sending emails and receiving and reading those emails is entirely stressful. Before you get scared and overreact, today’s rapidly changing market and advanced technology come up with marketing software that will make business owners at ease in promoting the business while running the day-to-day operations.

There are overwhelmingly more than 450 email marketing platforms scattering on the web. Every company is saying the same thing- that they are the best.

We created a simple guide for you to know not only the ecommerce marketing platforms but also learn the basics. We tried to give you a shortlist of choicest email services software that you can assess, decide and choose.


Benefits of Using Email Marketing Solutions in your Business

  1. Assures return of investment

In business, results are all that matters. This principle is the reason why business owners invest in technologies on email solutions because of the high probability of return of investment. A study In the UK reveals that there was an estimated return of investment of £30.03 for every £1.00 spent in 2016 and it increases to £32.28 in 2017.

  1. The wide reach of the audience

Although it is a debate in the global audience that social media is a marketing platform that is capable of spreading the message across the reach, emails can always get the local into hype and segmentation.

  1. Easy to Share

Anyone who got the email can easily spread and share. The sharers are becoming the brand ambassadors at some point. It also becomes a social proof and establishes integrity.

  1. Easy to measure

Email marketing is easy to monitor and analyze of what is going. It allows you to track, click-through and see conversion rates. As a business owner, it gives you comfort in managing business marketing and come up with good plans, tactics and decisions.

  1. Drive revenue

It is a tool that takes advantage of “impulsive buying”. As customers witness a great offer in purchasing an item, they will be tempted to call-to-action and go straight to your site and buy.

  1. Effective delivery of target messages

Email platforms can send emails to individuals where the messages can meet certain criteria and needs. Email list segmentation process is effective to arrange emails to a particular target and stream your results.

best email marketing automation platforms


Whatever tactics businesses will employ will need different tools from the creation of source email up to dissemination to target recipients which can be considered as part of the customer relationship management system. The email business marketing services can maximize the capacity of this artificial intelligence from creating a list of names and email addresses to the creation of a sophisticated database of subscribers with the segmentation of demography and engagement levels for analysis and decision making. The bottom line of discussion as to scale up the capacity of artificial intelligence will depend on your budget.


List of Best Email Marketing Automation Platforms

Best email marketing automation platforms


1. ActiveCampaign (best fit for ecommerce)

Price starts: $9.00 per month for 500 reaches of the conversation

ActiveCampaign was once known as an underdog of all email tools for marketing. But today, they are one of the popular ecommerce services with over 90,000 small entrepreneur customers.

The company developed an email services software for marketing that is easy to use and affordable, resulting in impressive organic engagements all over the world. Here are the key strengths and capabilities of ActiveCampaign;

  • They are the pioneer in using the visual automation builder. Even without the help of expensive IT experts and training, you can quickly draft a powerful email automation sequence. Also, a first time user can entirely make the task.
  • Rich in revenue-boosting features such as predictive sending, predictive content through SMS or site messaging and providing a toolkit for ecommerce
  • Capable of running A/B split testing in the automation sequences to let the automation sequence get optimization by themselves
  • It is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool. It comes with an in-built CRM system where you can manage sales, live chat, and automated email marketing.
  • They introduce the goal tracking and attribution but comes with additional cost

ActiveCampaign is an amazing platform that offers you the balance of power, affordability and a user-friendly platform making it one of the best affordable email software for marketing.

best email marketing software

2. Moosend (Best for non-profit organizations and small business)

Price starts: $10 per month reaching up to 2,000 conversations

When you swam in the pool of email marketing solutions, there are various companies offering designs for beginners, but they come with a cost, unfriendly to users and lack in features.

Not with Moosend. If you are a beginner or a non-profit institution, Moosend, the best email platform for marketing, will offer a platform that the essential and vital features are all present. Templates are well designed, and visual campaign builder is easy to use. It not as robust as ActiveCampaign but the low price reaching a high number of subscribers at $10 a month is more than good enough.

Here are some key highlight why Moosend business email services is a good option for non-profit groups and small organizations;

  • It does not require internal or client training
  • Enable your organization to white label the platform and set a markup so a client can make a small gain from licensing the software to customers
  • Offering discounts of up to 25% for non-profit groups

Although Moosend is a little weak in reporting. It has limited analytics to fundamental email insights. When it comes to maximizing numbers and trends for bigger plans and decision making, Moosend may not be able to give you a fair and just analysis. However, with its overall capacity, it can be your best affordable email marketing software.


3. Hubspot (Best for Business-to-Business services and Large Business)

Price starts: 50$ per month

One of the popular business email services in the world because of its all-in-one tool feature. It offers the inclusion of CRM, landing page, email marketing, marketing automation, chatbots, forms, and other essential elements to optimize your marketing efforts.

In most of the case experiences, when businesses use Hubspot as a backbone of marketing and sales, business owners can easily attribute the profit on their marketing campaign, newsletter and blog as influencers of the sales achievement. To some digital marketing experts, they see Hubspot as a CRM offering email marketing and automation and making it as best email campaign platforms.

  • Offering free versions. But as you grow your list of features, the price gets exponentially high
  • If you want to get a high conversion of influence, the money you pay is worth the value and return
  • It can provide you in-depth client report for marketing funnel

Now, if you wish to have an email campaign services software only, then getting Hubspot may be underutilized. But if you want to achieve the ultimate marketing performance across the entire sales and marketing funnel, then Hubspot will be your best affordable email campaign software.


4. Omnisend (Best fit E-commerce email campaign)

Price starts: 0$(free) to 16$ per month

A new player when it comes to email campaigns but amazingly took the best steps forward of making to be one of the leading email business services software in e-commerce.

Omnisend is a helpful email marketing soutions for e-commerce to take control of their market across multiple channels. It offers automation of emails, SMS, push notification and integration to Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook Ads and WhatsApp.

  • It has innovative business marketing services built-in templates that reduce the customers that abandon their cart and motivates repeat purchases. They entirely engage customers from fun games of “wheel of fortune” to offering birthday discounts.
  • Hooks on most of the e-commerce platforms like Magneto, Shopify and BigCommerce and interfacing the helpdesk platforms like Yotpo and Smile
  • Capable of triggering email, SMS, and social media campaigns based on customer behavior. It helps cart abandonment and increases repeat purchases

If you are a starter on e-commerce, you need to allot more time to run the platform. Of course, for bigger e-commerce stores, it is no longer a problem. Omnisend can be your best affordable marketing software.


5. Rejoiner (Best for managed email campaigns)

Price starts: $95 per month

Rejoiner may be a newbie in digital marketing but appears to be surging up high. Countless glowing reviews are appearing from different facets of customers. We found out that Rejoiner is not like other email marketing services software because they offer a managed type of marketing platform.

Rejoiner will become your outsourced email solution department in your organization. They do all the stuff from copywriting, design, and delivery of testing of email campaigns.

If you are a business that garners huge revenue and aiming to achieve more profit in the next years to come, then take their business marketing services and stay on top.


6. Convert Kit (Best for bloggers)

Pricing starts: 429 per month reaching 1,000 subscribers

Relatively simple but powerful e-commerce email marketing solutions suitable for bloggers and online course teachers to develop and promote their brands.

  • No bells or whistles and even templates
  • Encourages users to send plain-text emails to make it more personal and drive more engagements. It makes sense because the users are expected to build their brand.
  • It helps you serve regular content to your audience in a fast and straightforward way
  • They offer free account for starters that can send emails to 100 contacts


7. SendinBlue (Best for Transaction emails)

Pricing starts: $0 (free)- $25 per month

The leading email business marketing services when you do transactional services.

  • They have servers in the European Union that satisfy GDPR compliance
  • 98% delivery rates
  • The email automation gets good feedbacks but not as powerful as other tools

For purposes of perfect transactions, SendinBlue is the best free email business marketing software.


8. Autopilot (best for Marketing Automation)

Price starts: $49 per month reaching 2,000 contacts

Today’s digital era is all about converting messages to profit. The key to achieving more excellent sales is optimizing your digital marketing through automation of email campaign services software. The digital marketing today sees email as a post office sending the bulk of letters and newsletters.

The digital landscape is telling us that email marketing must be smart. The marketing campaign platforms must be able to send the right message to the right leads automatically.

  • They have one of the best-designed canvasses for email automation sequencing
  • A business email marketing services that allow annotation of automation sequences with the use of emojis, stickers and explanations for easy team collaboration
  • It can trigger actions with other tools that can save time in configuring integrations like Zapier. It makes your sequencing easy to understand
  • Excellent autopilot reporting scheme


9. MailerLite (Best for Personal projects)

Pricing starts: $0 (free) to $10 per month

If you are looking for value for money for your purposes endeavor, then MailerLite will be your best affordable email marketing software because it can offer 12,000 emails per month to less than 1,000 contacts.

It is comparing MailerLite to other email marketing services software, it can be considered as an excellent universal tool for any industry. It can offer everything you need for an email marketing campaign.

  • Offer built-in CRM with advanced marketing features
  • Capable of sending beautiful templated email campaigns that encourage the target audience to engage


10. MoonMail (Best for Developers)

Pricing starts: $21 per month

MoonMail is definitely for highly technical people. If you know how to do GraphQL API, then you consider this email automation software.

  • MoonMail resolves the gap of the experienced bottleneck of Amazon’s Simple Email Service. They give infrastructure of AWS and making email campaigns more friendly
  • Open-source project and the API is good
  • Accept clients from contentious industries like in crypto and ICO (some email campaign tools blocks these businesses)
  • Perfect for technical start-ups where everyone in the team is fluent with AWS and SES


11. AWeber (Best for ecommerce email campaign and Support)

Price Starts: $19 per month

AWeber, one of the Best email marketing automation platforms having over 100,000 email marketer users because of the high-quality email and phone support, articles, videos and you, get fast answers.

  • Drag and drop email builders, list management and analytics report
  • You can easily import email list and create your database from files like XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV and TSV
  • Allows you to develop an auto-response workflow-based from email opens, link clicks, site visits and purchases
  • They got 700 templates
  • Use web-fonts in addition to standard fonts


How Will You Choose The Best Fit Email Marketing Solutions?

We provide you now the list of considerations;

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Deliverability
  • Email campaign features
  • CRM and Automation features
  • Reporting capability
  • Integration capability
  • Support and training
  • Security

These are the elements that you factor-in when choosing the right email automation tool. However, it takes effort from your end in understanding what do you want to achieve with your business endeavor.