Teaching on training courses can be an exciting side generating income. Today, traditional classroom training may no longer be appealing to people who are willing to learn. Most people will prefer enrolling in online courses because it is more efficient.

To teach in an online course is the best way to pull your skills and enjoy the profit. You can teach marketing, writing, coding, hand-lettering, and other skills through the best online course platforms. Any topic you offer, you can always find professionals who are eager to learn. Expertise in certain courses is not enough. You need the online training course platform to effectively transmit the messages and key points of your training activities.

best online course platforms

Various free online course software has the nuts and bolts to create your online course: Web hosting, domain name, website design, video, content management, quiz, survey tools, payment processing, email, and more. Our article will guide you on choosing the right platform best for your expertise and training you want to kick-off.

What Makes A Best Online Course Platform Effective?

First, you need to understand that the online training course platform is divided into two categories; Course marketplaces and course creation software.

Your course is indexed in a catalog in the vast marketplace. There is still a need to customize your course landing page. Fortunately, most of the marketplaces in the digital web offer you to publish your courses for free. The advantage of Course Marketplace is it provides you with an existing student base. If you don’t have much time for online presence, then this category may be a good recommendation to start.

On the other hand, Course Create Software is offering you customization options. You can create your own landing pages emphasizing your brand. You can choose from the multiple content formats and get the tools you want to market your course.

All online course software is unique and has a different selling point. Here are the essential salient features that you should consider when you are choosing your online course creation platform;

  • Supports video, audio, PDF, and images
  • Offering different levels of real-time interaction with participants
  • Offering you an option that can create schedule and self-pacing courses
  • It takes care of web hosting, customization of domains, backups, and security
  • Equipped with marketing and payment processing


Top online training course platform to consider in 2020


1. Teachable

An online course creation platform that allows you to generate manage and sell online courses. It simplifies the process by letting you upload your content and not worrying about technological elements and design features.

·         Easy to use best online course platforms

Upload the contents and organize them according to your preference and taste. It has the drag-and-drop interface.

·         All-in-one payment solution

No need to pay any affiliates or sign-up to a payment processing because Teachable is already had its payment gateway with a very minimal fee.

·         Capable of creating a blog

You can set-up your blog and write articles that can promote and motivate people to enroll in your courses offered

·         Capable of using different media in a single topic

In a class, you can use videos, texts, and comments all on one page.

Teachable online course software is best for creators who are on marketing, selling, and branding.


2. Thinkific

A cloud-based learning management system that allows business owners to create, market, and sell online courses. An online training course platform that can customize the domains and make your sites consistent with your branding. It allows you to create multimedia courses, attach PDF and voice-over the slide presentation that can be downloadable

  • You can add the content in the provided menu on the course website and the form pops on the main page.
  • Various templates you can walk-through to choose the best fit for your course
  • You can incorporate Stripe and PayPal
  • You can upload files from eLearning tools like iSpring and Captivate
  • Logo can redirect back to the homepage

The downside of the Thinkific online course software is it has a rare opportunity for beginners to learn from discussion forums. But this software was able to get the momentum. If the creators keep improving, it will surely stay around for a long time.

3. Udemy

The most popular best online course platforms in the world, making most of the revenue share. The core of the platform is to offer people to learn new skills and aiming to reach educational levels.

  • Offers ten significant categories of courses with up to fifteen subcategories
  • No qualification requirement for taking the course
  • When you take the course, you can access them limitlessly.
  • Courses come in video lessons that you can view, stop, and replay. You can put questions each video at the end as a way of gauging the students’ progress.
  • Formal classes have been expensive for many of us. Sometimes, formal courses are becoming unavailable to everyone, only for the lucky ones. Udemy is the top chosen of all the online course creation platform evolving entry of opening education that focuses on knowledge transfer rather than receiving a certificate of completion.

4. Kajabi

A web-based and all-in-one online course creation platform is offering web hosting, course creation, membership of the site, payment processing, and email listing. Kajabi has powerful tools that allow you to build an interactive learning environment—unlimited video hosting, homework, drip content, and more.

  • Helping entrepreneurs to link actions. When someone visits the link, you created and pages, they will follow through and take action
  • Capable of creating landing pages that can serve as a video sales letter, offer free downloads and discuss the products
  • Display product and create a menu to allow clients to navigate each item and choose what they want
  • Blogging capability helps in marketing the business, establish branding, and solve the problems of the audience.
  • The community features that allow learners to discuss and exchange ideas.


5. LearnWorlds

The online course software that offers training solutions to employees, associates, educating customers, and selling online courses. The cloud-based e-learning platform provides and meets the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals with its beautiful templates, built-in social community, module page-builder, and advanced analytics.

  • Creates the enticing landing pages. It can quickly provide all information to the client without necessarily going to a separate website. It is possible because of its rich-resource library.
  • Allows you to customize style, logo, and theme and promote your brand
  • Create personalized “welcome” and course completion emails.
  • Offers a read-made course catalog to make a comprehensive training experience.
  • You can modify courses and pages by adding code snippets and integrate them into affiliate programs, third-party marketing, and analytics.


6. LearnDash

LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that offers practical experience with guidance for major educational institutions, enterprises, and smaller websites. It is one of the best online course platforms that have various integrations and customizable features.

  • Develop online courses for WordPress sites
  • Easy embedding of either self-hosted video or external hosted videos
  • It can trigger automatic engagement like sending email to students
  • The robust reporting feature can allow you to see the front-to-end of your website. It includes recognizing the number of courses available for a student, number of sessions each individual have chosen and other progress-related information

LearnDash online course software offers an exciting feature to engage learners and motivate them to take additional courses. LearDash shall continue to add more innovations and stay in the shed of the competition.


7. EasyWebinar

Flexible online course creation platform for business to host inline meetings, remote conferences, training, and marketing. It provides a high quality of streaming videos without delay and latency. It can have a room for four multiple presenters and allows room for an attendee to be a presenter as well.

  • Editable registration pages, thank you pages, event pages, and reply pages
  • Easy access live chat that engages users to smooth and fun support. You can send a link and communicate I real-time
  • Allows recording and save live webinar sessions that you can download and watch later
  • It has a TrueVoice technology the makes streaming at high bandwidth with no delays and reduces noise
  • Allows four presenters in one live webinar and share their screens for presentation


8. SkillShare

An online course software has thousands of creative and entrepreneurial classes to teach trainers and learners. It covers marketing, freelance, design, and more.

  • You can add up to five skill tags when creating a course for people to search efficiently.
  • Allows uploading of video files direct from the desktop and can only be accessible by SkillShare members
  • A trainer or teacher can be allowed to add each phase of the project
  • SkillShare teachers can earn revenue through a royalty system

SkillShare is best for its unique features that made the online training course platform perform better. SkillShare is suitable for those looking for a platform that offers unlimited class options at an affordable cost.


9. Podia

One of the best online course platforms with full features that allows you to sell online courses, memberships, and digital products. The drag-and-drop builder capability makes it easy to use.

  • Easy to send newsletters and stream campaigns to engage the subscribers. Also, you can send manuals, automatic messages with personal branding
  • Gives you a modern, streamlined theme that can upload any file type and as many online courses as you want
  • You can make a wholesale offer to move your sales on your platform. Doing this will also give your customers numerous products at a lower price.
  • Each page can turn courses into sales because of the embossed “buy” button.

Podia online course software offers several features and excellent customer support to grow your brand. It is unique when it comes to customer support



And the winner is…. Teachable !

All of its features combined all together, its user-friendly interface, all of the variety of media you can incorporate in your course, makes it the most reliable and nice to use the platform of the market in 2020.