Are you a business proprietor looking for a platform that allows you to develop and set-up your online store without substantial cost, then you are reading the right article?

We will be partaking with you the best website creator software that best fits your business. How you build your eCommerce store will make the difference. It may motivate customers to purchase or bounce back and ignore.

Therefore, you need to decide and choose the best website creation software that is cost-effective and easy for the customers to navigate and attract them to purchase the goods. Your website must leave a great impression.

So, how do you suppose to choose the right tool to create a website for your business? Selecting the right builder is vital before becoming so overwhelmed and excited about immediately selling your products.


How To Choose your Website Builder Software?

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When choosing the right platform, the first thing you must ask yourself is what your business goal is? What are the products you want to sell to achieve your business goal? What is your capacity to manage the online store? When all the questions are settled, then go to the next level of items;


1. Is the website builder cost still within your budget?

You need to check if the platform is to be paid monthly or annually. Look at also the different tiers or packages to know if the functions the company is offering are useful for the achievement of your business goals and selling your products

2. Is it possible for the site to be completed within the target timeline?

If your site needs to build some advanced features or you need to hire the design professional, then you need to check if it will suit your timeline requirements. The eCommerce website builder must assure yourself that back-end work and site build-up will be completed before your target date of launching the site.

3. Do the templates fit with the purpose and theme of your store?

Take time to explore the available templates—free and paid ones. Check if you will have options that will fit the message, theme, and purpose of your store. If you do not like the templates or nothing will provide your store’s purpose, then consider doing some customization. Of course, it can be costly and time-consuming.

best website creation software

4. Can the site integrate other applications that can be needed for your store?

The software can integrate with different applications that will robust the functionality of your online store. It can also save time and simplify complexities by the time you run the store. Check if the tools you need for operations such as logistics, customer information storage, email marketing, and others can be able to integrate seamlessly.

5. Do they provide technical support?

When running your website, you always need the assurance that the company of the eCommerce site builder will have available customer support. Check also if there are sources that will give your training like how-tos.

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6. Can it be done without hiring a developer?

If you do not wish to hire a developer, then you need to check the elements if you need to customize it. If you need some tweaking, can you be able to do it without the help of a developer? Check if the site builder will let you do everything. It will be useful if you create a checklist of features that you need for a site.


Best Website Creation Software For Small Business in 2020

1. Shopify

create a websiteWorld’s top website software that offers more than 70 themes, built-in payments, 24/7 customer service and the price, starts at $29 per month. This web builder is powering more than one million online stores over the last several years and has been continuously growing.

Every theme has its settings for you to customize everything to your convenience. The best feature that Shopify is proud of is that all payments are handled through the platform. You can integrate another payment gateway by choosing more than 100 payment processors.

All plan packages have web hosting, unlimited email forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, and content delivery network. Also, it has SEO tools, mobile optimizations, and analytics. You are capable of setting-up the dropshipping, storage of customer accounts, target the abandoned carts, POS software and managing your shipping rates.

2. Squarespace

create a websiteThe world’s leader in site-building and help create a website for eCommerce in offering amazing designs, drag-and-drop builder and price starting at $12 per month. Squarespace, one of the top choice site creation software have an ideal solution for those who are looking for beautiful designs regardless of technical capability. Every feature can easily be customized using the high-responsive drag-and-drop builder.

Squarespace mobile applications let you manage and edit your website and allows you to use the POS feature if you have physical locations. It has its built-in SEO tools, blogging tools, analytics and other solutions that can provide robust your website.


3. Wix

create a websiteThe software for beginners on eCommerce. If you want to create an eCommerce site and do not have any experience, the simplicity and easy capabilities of Wix will make your life easier.

It has a drag-and-drop builder and SEO friendly website builder. It has mobile optimization, Wix chat, different payment methods, Global shipping and coupons and discounts. You can easily track orders and inventory.


4. Weebly

create a websiteAnother famous web builder offers a free forever plan but the plan package does not include the eCommerce capabilities. This website creation software can integrate payment processors like PayPal, Stripe and Square.

Weebly is powered by Square, which you can integrate Square POS with your online sales system. You can comfortably manage to sell your products and track inventories in one platform.


No coding needed when you set up and launch your store. The software can also get SEO tools, email, metrics, shipping, inventory, and other essential tools You can also add badges to products if you want to put a product on sale.


5. 3DCart

create a websiteThe 3DCart eCommerce creator is not the most popular because it is not friendly for newbies. The platform is not easy to use to create a website. However, there are a lot of developers and highly experienced eCommerce stores that agree to benefit from 3DCart.

3DCart offers more than 200 built-in features and they are known to be one of the most SEO ready site builders. Also, 3DCart has more than 50 fee themes and supporting more than 100 payment processors.

The pricing is very transparent, with no hidden fees and long-term contracts. Of you want to cancel, you can always do it anytime and the 30-day money-back guarantee backs all plans.


6. BigCommerce

best website creation softwareYou will love BigCommerce because of its versatility. Easily helps you create a website  for eCommerce has business-to-business features such as wholesale pricing, quote management, customer groups, and custom price listing. It specializes in multi-channel selling. It also can sell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon and POS.

BigCommerce has several essential features compared to other platforms. The extra features make the BigCommerce more complex making them not ideal for beginners. The software is designed for big eCommerce sites.

If you want tons of customization features without paying extra app or extension, then BigCommerce will be the right platform for you.


7. Volusion

best website creation softwareVolusion offers an eCommerce startup that is more than you initially need. It is developed for large eCommerce stores and sites that are ready for fast growth.

This web creation software is easy to customize the layout with the use of the drag-and-drop editor. The platform has lots for free themes but not at modern compared to the latter choices.

It provides everything you need to create and operate your all-in-one eCommerce web builder. It gives you product pages, SEO and collection of payment tools. Besides, this best website creation software comes with phone support and abandoned carts report.


8. Big Cartel

best website creation softwareBigCartel is a low-cost eCommerce builder. They are offering a free plan but limits you only to five products. If you wish to create a website that displays more products, then the plan is not a good recommendation. They are offering $10 per month and you can sell up to 25 products.

The cheapest plan is offering free themes, real-time stats, bulk editing, tracking of shipping, tax calculations, discounts, and promos and inventories.


9. Kibo

best website creation softwareIf you want to create a website from scratch and not with available templates, then Kibo can be appropriate for you.

You can add new features without additional costs in upgrades and interruptions to the customer experience. This best website creation software supports you in designing mobile experience. Also, it offers built-in SEO tools like URL routing, customizations, editable page titles and descriptions.


10. Magento

best website creation softwareIf your brand is investing in IT since it requires intricate eCommerce systems, then Magento can be the best website creation software for eCommerce. Brands will be entirely under your control. Magento can create brand interactions where you can unite the content with your customer preferences and demands. You can create a website with powerful insights to help you see how the store is going and you can plan to optimize.

11. PrestaShop

best website creation softwarePrestaShop is perfect for a business that implements in a cloud-based solution. You can also customize your store exactly the way you want. It is excellent in selling internationally because it can use 60 different languages, making it accessible in non-English speaking countries. The website builder software that You can customize your display configuration, validate orders when checking out and search filters to create a better customer experience. It has built-in marketing tools like coupons and discount codes, email list building, and more.