7 Best Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses

In the current era of digitalization, social media is becoming a pre-requisite that the business of every business and business owner. When social media started, people merely see it as a platform where anyone can meet someone to share ideas, activities and emotions. Businesses need to learn the best social media management tools to grow the business and stay in the competition.

Today social media is becoming part of the business process flow. It is a platform that can make or break your profit.

Business owners are daunting on keeping themselves to the top trends, content production, and promotion of business. Many are seeking for social media have management tools for business owners to run the whole enterprise efficiently.

Several social media content management systems are sprouting around the digital world. All applications are intentional in aiming to empower businesses and business owners to efficiently promote brands, increase sales and profit by allowing target customers to engage and usually expand the supply and market chain.

Managing social media is the ultimate accountability of a business owner. Choosing the right tools is essential.


Benefits Of Choosing The Right Tools in Social Media Management

You may be asking why you need to invest in platforms that handle social media management if social media networks will allow you to post, share and react whether you are using the desktop, laptop or mobile device.

best social media management tools

Never underestimate the process that you need to undergo with social media to make your business competitive. You need to write content, post images, copy and paste photos, and publish. You need to spend time and effort doing all of these every day. Not only that, but you also need to do social listening. You need to understand what are the emotions, mindset and reaction of your digital community. Doing all of these alone will be too stressful for a business owner. 

  • It helps you organize all your network accounts

Of course, a small business does not only rely on one social media platform. A small business owner can have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn promoting the same company and products.

Jumping from one account to the other every day will be a pain, especially when the social reaction will be getting high.

Social media tools will allow you to manage each account in one place and giving you a bird’s eye view. It saves you time, resources and effort.

  • Automatic regular posting

One of the vital successful practices of social media marketing is doing daily posts. Tools can help the owner robust the monitoring calendar for regular posting.

  • Safe delegation of posting duties

Every time you delegate to an employee the access of your email address and password, your risk of exposure and safety from fraudulent acts will be high. The tools are designed to secure your credentials while you and your added layer of management effectively implement the networking activities like postings.

  • Allowing authorization before going live

It is not enough that you provide access to risky credentials to your employees and will enable them to work on the optimization of your page. A best social media management platform must go for approval of the post and authorization to post before making it live on the page. In this way, you can monitor the integrity of the post before you publish it. You can avoid inconsistency and embarrassment leading towards losing your audience.

  • Social media management tools give better analytics

It is not enough that you keep posting every hour or every day. You must be strategic to capture the goal and purpose of your post and your page. You need to understand your stats, or else you will go nowhere. The tool will help you get the report and analyze the likes, follows shares, and engagements of the visitors and community you are building. The analytics will help you review your marketing plan and develop strategies to cope with the gaps or sustain the best practices.

  • Making social media customer service effective

Remember that the two pillars of social media strategy are Social listening and customer support. The social media content management systems will help you give a timely response to visitors and customers. The more the customers will experience satisfaction, then the increase in brand optimization will follow.

best social media management tools

Elements To Consider When Choosing The Best Social Media Management Tools

  • Consider the features you will need. Strike the balance between having the right features and the cost of subscribing to the social media tool. Know the stage of your business because the features you see right now may not be applicable to the current age of your business. Focus on the basic needs like post scheduling, multiple-use support and analytics.
  • Consider the number of users. There are tools that limit the number of users. Make sure that the tool will have enough seats to allow appropriate individuals of your company to access and use the social account. Of course, the cost is one of the cross-cutting issues when making consideration.
  • Consider client support. Every tool promotes to have client support to the social media community manager. It is essential to choose the platform that will give you the proactive and timely technical support so as not to bar the business operation and maintain the trust of your customers
  • Consider the price. Best social media management platform vary in price depending on the level of support, functionality, and features that a tool can offer. However, the developers and owners of these tools come with standard packages that are based on the level of need. Most of these packages will fit the current state of any business- beginner, mid-level and advanced business.


The List of Best Social Media Management Platform 


1. Nimble

For newbies, Nimble is a mystery. There are many features that Nimble can make social media community manager say the WOW! Factor. You can be wandering around the dashboard of Nimble and starting to manage contacts and map social networks. But you might be missing some essential features of the tool;

Best Features:

  • Update of status and scheduling of posts. It is the most straightforward feature that allows your audience to reach out to you even if you are not on your computer or any mobile device. You can be able to post your connected social profiles like on Twitter and Facebook and making more time connecting to people.
  • Integrate with your Instagram. Allows viewing of latest posts
  • Outlook email contacts. Easy importation of contacts through the Outlook CSV file. You can connect with your Outlook email to Nimble through IMAP.
  • Advance search feature. It allows you to locate contacts that match the specific criteria.

“Stay in touch.” You will be on top of the minds of your contacts because of the “stay-in-touch” feature. You can set time intervals of how often you want to be in touch with your leads.


2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite, as one of the Best social media management platform that can provide the social media community manager with the capability of managing social activities and track down the metrics of your social medial profile reach.

  • Monitoring or multiple streaming. It allows you to bring all social media accounts into one table for close monitoring (twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.). Also, you can be allowed to more than one channel or an account of the same social media platform.
  • Provide you a team looking over your social media kingdom. When you have too many people managing your account, you will be facing issues like security risks and inconsistent critical messaging. Hootsuite can allow you to delegate specific tasks to different team members.
  • Cross-posting Platform. It can work in all devices and operating systems.
  • You get reports by email. Reports generation and reception are totally free. Hootsuite will give you weekly analytics reports highlighting the number of clicks per day, geographical information of people clicking, top referrals and most popular links.
  • It can connect to several services. What you will love with Hootsuite is it can sheer several networks and application support. Hootsuite can allow you posting a quick update to multiple Facebook account or Twitter.


3. Agora Pulse

Yes! It may be sensibly true that you can cope with the market and marketing without social media tools. However, you will burned-out with the decrease in effectiveness and productivity.

Agora pulse may not be the cheapest tool in the market but it’s worth the investment. The features that make Agora Pulse an added value for your marketing strategy;

  • Inbox zero. It built a tool that reading content up-and-down and side stream will no longer be necessary. You can use merely more to must-respond-items.
  • Excellent preview and customization. Decreasing your time of posting content with various channels while increasing the way you post look across all your social media platforms.
  • Auto-repeat of best tweets. You can continuously promote content without having to add it to your Twitter schedule over and over again.
  • Dealing with spams. With Agorapulse Inbox Assistant, you can create keyword-based automation moderation that filters those links sprayed by people to your Facebook or Instagram account.
  • Managing Facebook and Instagram Ad comments. social media content management systems that can deal with those good, not so good and not worth seeing comments
  • Tracking your loyal followers. One of the best features of Agora Pulse is you can learn those visitors that give you great comments to your content.


4. Wave Video

In marketing, people love and retain information from video content. At least 59% of the engagements on Facebook are from videos. Wave Video has loads of high-quality videos for a social media community manager to choose for promotion and critical messaging. Here are the top features why you should use Wave Video;

  • Easy to edit. It’s easy to use that even the tools are in-built. Also, you don’t have formal training, and you can jump in and start.
  • The text effects are significant. Click the text you want and edit then ready to go. You can add and change fonts, change color fonts, text animations, text effects and text styles.
  • You can do any text positioning. Compared to other video makers, with Wave Video, you can position the text at any position you want.
  • Massive stocks of video clips. Wave Video has a library of 300 million stock video clips
  • Sound editing made possibly impressive. Clip and trim your audio then add some music tracks and there you have a great video to promote a product
  • Calendar. One remarkable feature that you can get ideas and inspiration to what you should post each day in a year.
  • Branding. What you will love with Wave Video is you can set your branding like logo, colors, and fonts.


5. Mail Chimp

Is MailChimp dead? Of course, NOT!

MailChimp is an email marketing and newsletter tool with a proven track record over the years since 2001. Every month, MailChimp is sending 4 billion emails to customers. In 2020, MailChimp will bring a more enhanced automation service to your social media content management systems.

  • Marketing Automation. You can personalize how you want to tell your marketing messages. Mailchimp can welcome new customers and create a win-back campaign for those customers to be re-engaged.
  • You can do segmentation. If you got a targeted audience, you could build a segment of campaigns
  • Track down the performance. You can now review campaign reports, campaign engagements, ecommerce performance, and if the audience grows or contracts.
  • Testing of subject lines. It allows you to test three variations, sending in different sending times, content, subject line, and let you know what works best.


6. Buffer

I consider one of the Best social media management platform for small businesses that allow you to post and share your content with any of the social networking sites. Even when you are away or in travel, you can regularly post your content and makes your audience get routinely engaged.

  • Customize the schedule of posting for each platform. Day-to-day engagement can vary. You can customize social media schedules of postings.
  • You can plan with a social media calendar. Not all the time you are facing your laptop and doing things with your Facebook or Twitter. You can set up postings and schedules for the following week or months even without opening your account.
  • Buffer browser extension. if you read an article or posts somewhere, you can share it in just seconds
  • Tracking of engagements. You can know the analytics of engagements by taking a peek on posts per day, shares, clicks, mentions, re-tweets, followers, and new followers. You can also track down your most performing content.


7. Crowdfire

Best social media management platform that social media community manager manages followers on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. It can find content that is appealing to the audience. It can also generate posts based on past content and you can publish through a pre-determined schedule.

  • Social Analytics. Reveal the sentiments of the customers, and you can get the trends
  • Social sharing. You can create, manage and schedule contents
  • Social campaign. You can get the response trends among customers
  • Social engagement. In just one platform, you can manage all your social media accounts.


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