10+ Best Small Business Management software Trending for 2021

Business management is not the same as before. Business success is relative to the digital world. If your business is not going digital, it decreases efficiency.

Business software is now available and accessible in the market. There a wide range of solutions that you can choose from to help you manage your business.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business”- Bill Gates

Best small business management software is categorized by Accounting, Task Management, Communication, Customer Service, Document management and file sharing, e-commerce, and content management solutions.

Importance of Business Intelligence Software tools

Business software helps the easy operation of data structure and documentation in a complex business environment. When a business is using a software, the decision-makers easily know financial positions, profit and loss and quickly respond to some decisions.

The following are the direct benefits of business software;

  1. Tasks are easily handled and managed
  2. You can save time, labor and Money.
  3. Increases efficiency and accuracy.
  4. Safely stores all sorts of data
  5. It prevents mistakes.
  6. Establish effective tracking of business progress.


best small business management software


Features to looks for when finding the Best Small Business Management Software

  • Effective on task management
  • Can monitor time and calendar
  • Ability to share documents and consolidation
  • Monitor sales
  • Ability to track time and reporting period
  • Can create budget, invoice and track expenses
  • Provide a user-friendly dashboard
  • Provide proper accounting and financial reporting capability
  • Warehouse and stocks management
  • Effective in logistics
  • Help in managing resources


Of course, your business does not need a stand-alone solution. A business needs various and integrated functions for you to pull all the necessary data to take one click for planning and decision making. In other words, an integrated business solution will make you in control of your business operations. You need to choose an end-to-end Business intelligence software tools.

This article will help to decide the best software for a small business solution that you should be purchasing in the market.


Top Project Management Software For Small Business

top project management software for small business


1. Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one cloud-based software that can manage and track affiliate sales and mobilize your army of salespeople on time.

It has an affiliate management system that can screen affiliate applicants, tailor commission structures, generation of affiliate linkages and automatic payment of affiliates.


Important key features offered by Kartra:

  • Lead management
  • Sales funnel and campaigns
  • Automated email and SMS
  • Integration of your calendars
  • Personalize portals for training courses
  • Drag-and-drop interface capability that allows private community spaces to engage
  • Best software for small business will enable you to customize and embed video players with autoplay, social sharing, branding, multiple device access, and pop-up windows.

Karta can integrate into third-party apps like Braintree, Stripe, Paypal, Pilvo, Zapier, SendGrid, Google calendar, and Wishlist


best small business management software


2. Zoho One

Zoho One is a business intelligence software tool that gives you more than business applications that you can run for your entire business organization. It is capable of connecting multiple applications where it can allow different individuals or departments to collaborate to work together for the customers, financial management and increase productivity.

The great advantage of Zoho One is its simplicity that it can improve the sales process of your business. But it is capable of working on complicated workflows, automation, integrate tasks, and customization of solutions.

The features that Zoho One can offer are billing and invoicing, customer relation employee management, finance management, inventory, marketing, procurement, time tracking, expenses tracking, training management and vendor management


Why should you consider One Zoho?

  • It can sync other Zoho One products making your workflow to work perfectly
  • It has API to create customized applications for integrations
  • The way you create the workflows is a straightforward but powerful automation
  • Easy to understand. The web forms and workflow automation can quickly be done
  • It allows you to respond to clients directly



There are customer relationship management products that are not yet well functioning when integration happens, however, Zoho One is still working on them and we expect improvements soon.


best small business management software


3. Wrike

If you are running a business with 20 people or more but not too big a number of employees, then Wrike can be best for you. It has scalability and security features. It has custom dashboards where you monitor workload for better resource management, calendars, and grant charts. If you are a business doing advertising, technology, and finance, then consider getting these business intelligence software tools.

Wrike can do billing and invoicing, customer relations, marketing, time tracking, expense tracking, and vendor management.

It is awarded as Finances Online Best Project Management Software Awardee of 2018 that aims to improve speed and efficiency. All reviews are confirming the ultimate capacity of Wrike to business collaboration and information management bringing the business at a higher level.

  • The 3-pane project-view gives an easy way to read data giving you clear vision. It is friendly that it allows you to see all the project details on one page for quick and easy actions.
  • It tags the folders by sorting tasks, projects and others giving the ability to put items in different folders without duplication
  • Activity Stream is a feature that allows you to see the activities of your team
  • Allows you to break projects into tasks to track individual progress
  • Analytics can help you create reports and make decisions
  • The best software for small business that simplifies administrative tasks
  • The enterprise-grade audit enabling the admin to monitor activities


4. Housecall pro

The business software that allows you to run your enterprise through smartphones and web portals. If you are working at home and managing operations virtually, then this business solution is right for you.

The Housecall Pro can do billing and invoicing, customer relation management, personnel management, marketing, point of sale, time tracking and expense tracking.

It allows your business to forego paper works on scheduling, payment, estimate, etc. and go for digital automation. Customers can communicate with you through Housecall Pro.

The app can be accessed through Android and iOS devices.


5. Accelo

Top project management software for small businesses that is capable of streamlining and automating the tasks into a single and integrated system. It ca combine tasks to track, collaborate, and facilitate planning in one technological platform.

It can perform billing and invoicing, customer relation management, employee management, financial management, marketing, procurement management, time, and spending tracking.


What business owners have to say?

  • Works well in integration with G-suite and excellent in tracking customer interactions
  • Can view history and email correspondence
  • Useful in managing time with clients
  • Attractive for multiple clients and employees.

One the other hand, Accelo is on the process of improving.

  • Missed emails, scraped links and email errors
  • Email address needs to be linked to the client account. A bit struggling where you need to send many emails to different companies, and you need to type all of their addresses before you can post.
  • JIRA is better to integrate with Accelo support module
  • If a client is using multiple email addresses, then it has to be spread all across various contacts.


6. TimeCamp

Best software for small businesses that can measure the time spent on the computer while doing the work and tasks. Project managers can monitor the status of the project, track billing, create the invoice, and keep track of employee attendance and collaboration. It can create sub-tasks and tasking and monitor specific assignments of each individual.

TimeCamp is a cloud-based software making every life of business proprietor easy even when in traveling. 

  • It can provide an in-depth report
  • If you are using an iPhone, you can track and view time entries
  • Allows you to view wasted time (i.e., dwindling Facebook or Twitter instead f working on tasks)
  • It can follow all the time spent on the computer in each of the functions. So if you are dealing with different tasks to different clients, no need to remember to “switch tasks.”


best small business management software


7. Slack

Known to be the “best team communication software” for business owners. It works best in team collaboration. The business intelligence software is created to help business owners avoid slipping wrong information and miscommunication.

When a new employee gets on board, it is easy to trace the recent work progress because Slack allows sharing critical files, planning of schedules, and exchange of routine messages.

  • It can work well either in Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.
  • One single account can make multiple teams collaborate and work together
  • It has two channels- Public and private. The public channel allows everyone to participate while the private channel can only be accessible to a specific team member as specified by the creator
  • A member can send a private message to other teammates

What do most users like about Slack?

  • Simple looks make the Slack easy to use for communication
  • Slack allows third-party integration such as google drive, Trello and Asana
  • You can set the notifications to only send you information to a particular keyword
  • An excellent tool when it comes to organizing records and files
  • It can easily find data if you search such as Word documents and PDFs
  • Rich in snippets

8. Bitrix 24

The best software for small businesses that is known to be the best in Customer Relation Management unified with task management, document management, and team collaboration.

It provides client management and automation of marketing capabilities that are perfect for small and medium enterprises in its FREE version. It also comes with multiple communication channels, sales pipelining and automated marketing.

  • Allows users to log and manage clients engagements, generate sales report and segmentation of target customers
  • When there are feedbacks or orders, it can directly be fed to the customer relationship management system.
  • It has a sales funnel function that provides you an overview of the progress of sales transactions and status.


What users have to say?

“Simple process in registration, customer relationship management, and use of tools to collaborate. The mobile version is compatible with any OS.”

                “I can combine email and business information relating to sales data.”

“This management software is useful in making customer profiles and noting what they like and dislike and can integrate with other software.”


9. Intercom

The management software that is known to be the “best in customer support.” The topmost significant concern of any business owner is the quality of customer support. When customers find your business not addressing their concerns, you are losing half of the opportunity to grow.

The top project management software for small business have artificial intelligence functions and grows according to user-insights, it brings towards effective automation to communicate well with the customers. It can manage and track requests from customers using live chat and personalized messaging.

Intercoms are the modern business messaging system that builds better customer relationships and allowing the customers to experience first-hand immediate customer support.


What do users say?

“Business intelligence software tools Perfect for companies that are dependent on online presence to make sales and profit. The system is perfect in tracking customer feedback and creation of automated flows.”

“You can track users that are slipping away from your lead… it can help you identify specific customers that you need to re-engage in emails.”

“Best suited for product selling business and providing services.”


10. BambooHR

The ultimate asset of any business is the human resource. BambooHR is known to be the “best business recruitment software.” The best software for small business that makes your headhunting effective and efficient. Also, it strengthens human resource management with a full-functional employee profile management tool.

  • You are allowed to manage people by tracking the performance metrics, peer reviews, and employee onboarding and off-boarding activities
  • The ultimate feature of this software is managing the employee profile in a centralized manner using a cloud-based system that you can continuously update. For example, you can track down the completed training of every employee that can be relative performance review and task management.
  • Managers can easily set approvals such as vacation leave requests, benefits and enrollment of programs


11. Pipedrive

The best small business management software that is known to be the “best sales management software.” Pipedrive becomes popular when it was recognized as the User Choice Awardee for the last two years as a resourceful asset to customer relation software end-users. It is because of its remarkable system of being a highly responsive sales management system and very useful for small businesses.

  • Increasing efficiency in sales. It helps you pick the right selling activities and deals
  • The function of the Activity Scheduler helps you to plan events and appoint meetings leading to quick deal closures
  • It collects contact information leading towards a well-organized leads
  • Business intelligence software tool having a good illustration of analytics and reporting that can help you understand the metrics and indicators. You can view the performance of agents, deals and lead history.
  • Full mobile optimization that allows you to see sales with the mobile app. Even when you are traveling, you can monitor what is going on with the sales and make quick decisions.


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