Technology has changed the business landscape. Various business aspects change the business requirements as market demand and customer needs change. Tools like best podcast recording software are becoming a necessity in a competitive market.

Over the years, Podcasting became popular. It is a set of digital audio files accessible and downloadable on the internet.

A podcast is becoming a useful tool to improve prospecting. It is becoming a powerful marketing tool. The growth of usage of the podcast came about because of the increase of demand of mobile phones. The podcast is easily accessible through mobile devices.

Best podcast recording software

The Benefits of Getting Best Podcast Software

  • Videos may be a great marketing tool. But not all are comfortable to shoot videos. Some small businesses do not have the right equipment to shoot videos. Podcast will then become the relevant tool if the video is not
  • The podcast can reach out to new audiences. It can help build familiarity because listeners will likely to subscribe to regular listening. It is also easy to recommend to others to listen.
  • Although it is a one-sided medium, it is still a useful tool to build a relationship with the audience. A podcast allows the listeners to feel the person speaking. It encourages listeners to be associated with the brand, and in turn, it will result in a conversion.
  • A podcast is easy to make. With the best podcast platform plus quality headphone and microphone, you can kick-off making your podcast. Also, you must have a good internet connection to upload files.
  • Increase audience engagement. It gives the speaker an ample space to interact and convey the message to the audience. A survey of the 300,000 podcast listeners, 63 percent of the listeners, decide to buy the products that the host promoted.
  • You never know you are improving your public speaking skills. Podcasting can build your confidence to speak in public. The more you develop the skills, the more audience you reach and motivate to buy your product and services.


Best Podcast Recording Software You Must Consider

We will be giving you the list of most popular podcast software platforms that famous podcasters use and provide the high conversion.


1.   Logic Pro

Commonly used by many of the podcasters, especially the music producers. It has a full-features audio capability that is simple to interface and display all the essential basic functions.

best podcast platform

It is only compatible with Mac Operating System that can be linked to Logic remote App on the iPhone and iPad. The files can also be opened in Garage Band.

It is highly friendly to beginners despite the multiple advanced functionalities.

  • Price: $200 one time purchase


2.   Adobe Audition

Fully capable of producing music and podcast. You can also edit and master the tracks with its amazing background noise reducing tools, EQ, and more. You can also apply the same effects to other podcasts and separate them from other files.

best podcast platform

It is highly compatible with both Windows OS and Mac.

You can buy this podcast software for $20.99 per month. If you already subscribed to Creative Cloud Suite, then the platform is free for you. You can also get some tutorial videos and manuals.

best podcast software


3.   GarageBand

The long, most popular free music maker software of Mac. It is highly user-friendly that the interfacing  matches with Logic Pro and the best fit for the newbies.

best podcast software

It is only compatible with Mac.

The digital audio workstation of this best podcast platform allows you to easily create tracks for vocals and music—even ad spots. The platform will enable you to modify as you can move it around.

It has available plug-ins like EQ, compression, and noise reduction.


4.   Audacity

best podcast software

A cross-platform is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac for audio editing. It is completely FREE! But the difference of it becoming FREE from access is that it needs a little bit of earning curve. One of the popular best podcast software for beginners and professional podcasters.

Fully equipped with powerful features—Silence Finder, Truncate Silence, Syn-Look, and Saveable EQ. You can also import or export files like MP3, WAV, and AIF. The company regularly updates the software for the full suite of pro tools.


5.   Hindenburg Journalist

One of the best podcast platform that suits for entry-level podcasters. The software can able you to give emphasis on storytelling through your piece of clips and interviews together and create a cohesive podcast track.

Best podcast recording software

Compatible for Windows OS and Mac that have features like noise reduction effect—eliminates hums and hisses. It can also easily integrate into a few of the podcast hosting providers.

For $95, you can kick-off your podcast recording and convert some sales.


6.   Auphonic

best podcast software

In Podcasting, quality audio is the key to success. However, no matter how good is the quality of your microphone (some buys those most expensive ones) but proper mixing is not appropriate, then your podcast is still doesn’t make sense. Auphonic is for sound non-engineers with its easy to push button.

It has automatic sound leveling and noise reduction. It is right in filtering and post-processing.

However, Auphonic software is not capable of editing, snipping, and splicing compared to Audacity and Adobe Audition.


7.   Zencastr

Zencast is the best podcasting software that can do remote VOIP service. If you got some guests in your show, then Zencastr will be your right partner.

best podcast platform

It stands out because of the capability to record local audio through the browser for each of your guest where you can upload to the host. You may opt to isolate tracks for every speaker or get a single file of the combined local recordings.

Zencastr can post-process automatically. WAV is the premium feature, while for a FREE version, it uses MP3.

8.   Ecamm

They offer three major products:

  • Call Recorder for Skype
  • Call Recorder for Facetime
  • Ecamm Live for Facebook

Best podcast recording software

This platform is compatible with the Mac device only. Although the software does not have the capability of local recording, Skype and Facetime calls can be recorded.

Ecamm Live is the same for live streaming. Simply sign in with Facebook, and Ecamm will interface. It is one of the no-fuss streaming programs, you can record every broadcast and extract every audio to place in the main feed. With YouTube, you can also stream automatically.


9.   Podbean

One of the veterans on podcasting software since 2006. It marks a record of more than 300,000 podcasters and manages over 9 million podcast episodes and 6.4 billion times of downloads.

Once you get your podcast channel, copy the RSS URL, and submit to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Best podcast recording software

As a podcast host and owner, you can choose from a large selection of prebuilt themes. It gives you analytics for your insights and knows your podcast performance.

Podbean has monetization options but has no direct integration with other directors. But it has the directory that makes it stands out. You can monetize your podcast using the patron features.

Podbean, the best podcast recording software, offers a free version with an allowance of only 5 hours of uploads per month at 100GB bandwidth. The premium package is up to $99 per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth, advance design options, and ads marketplace.