Best Online Jobs From Home That Pay High in 2021

Do you know that shifting to an office-based job to virtual-based work takes a significant decision? It requires research, planning, and investment in the building of skillset. For some, they get excited but for many, they feel worried. There are best online jobs from home available in several job market platforms.

Work from home is the fittest income-earning activity because of the tight competition and changing employment dynamics.

The Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Online Jobs With High Revenues

online jobs

Manage your own time with online jobs

Being in control of your daily activities is the biggest perk from working at your desk in the comfort of your home. You can customize your work hours that will meet the needs of your life and work. You can take a power nap at any time of the day. No boss will get mad at you.

However, there can be downsides like tempted to delay some work-related tasks. One requirement of online jobs work from home is to the entrepreneurial mindset and thinking that it is not an employee-employer but it is all about business. You can make your virtual work become a big enterprise if only you know how to organize your tasks and time.

Allow time for personal needs

If you manage your tasks well according to your time allotment, it is always possible that you can make it up with your kids, friends, wife, family and other recreation perks. Online jobs work from home offers you the opportunity to experience a work-life balance.

But you can only achieve such a dream if you are conscious of your time elements versus your target outputs.

Potentially converting your passion to profit

What I love with working and doing business at home is my passion for either writing or video making will be a great source of income. You will feel the ultimate satisfaction and at the same time, you suffice your daily needs.

Commuting is no longer an issue

When working outside your home will make you a lot of time. Imagine your daily life taking public transport bus, taxi or train. In the US, every American travelling from home to office and vice versa is spending an average of $386 per month on gasoline. Imagine yourself in online jobs work from home cutting down this cost from your pocket. Besides, to cities where traffic is an issue, it relieves you from the morning and night stress.

Manage your cash flow

Many people have the difficulty of letting go of their daily jobs and jump into business because of the fear of losing a consistent income. Of course, that is understandable. My tip for newbies, start online work part-time until you get to the flow.

If you own your desk doing virtual work, you can set your income goals. You can set what products and services you will offer to augment your income. Income will depend on your hard work. Unlike your daily office job, no matter what you do, you will receive the same agreed monthly payments. If you do a high paying online freelance job, you may decide to expand your services and earn more.

No work attire requirement

You can go immediately to your desk, even wearing your pajamas. You can wear whatever you want at your comfort.

No more Boss with online jobs

If you are sick and tired by someone who always tells you what to do, then getting online jobs for 2021 is right for you. You have the freedom to do the work that way you want. In fact, “being late” is a nonsense issue for a home business owner not unless if you have an agreed appointment with your client. You don’t need to seek approval if you want to get out to buy something in the Subway.

Opportunity to grow is never impossible

With a home-based business, you are not stuck with the same cycle of tasks every day. There is always an opportunity to mix things. Since online marketing jobs require scaling up of skillset, you need not stop learning and avail training to stay competitive. Most of the CEO’s of companies you will work with are providing online training videos and hands-on tutorial sessions. The more you scale-up, the bigger the opportunity that you expand your business horizon.

Best online jobs from home for 2021

best online jobs from home

1. Blogging

Average pay:$10,000 per month

Job Scope: Create a website and content writing with SEO

One of the best online work from home jobs because you are building a sellable asset. If you can be able to create a website that is well established (SEO, page rank, and domain authority), you can sell it 30 times its monthly revenue.

There different strategies to monetize a blog. Blog owners design their sites according to their purpose on how they want to earn a profit;

  • Advertising- placing ads to the website
  • Affiliate marketing- when promoting other business, you make money
  • Products and services- selling your products
  • Sponsored- partnering with brands and get paid by them


2. Social Media Marketing Agency

Average Pay: $20 to $100 per hour or more

Job Scope: handle social media tasks (Posting, analytics, answering queries, optimization)

Most of the business owners do not have the luxury of time to update their social media pages and respond to customer queries. That is why Social Media Management is becoming a high paying online job for 2021 because of its consistent average growth rate of 10% per year from 2016 to 2026.

The skillset needed is posting content, curation, and management of content. If you can scale up your skills on deploying paid ads like Facebook Ads, you can earn more than $100 per hour.3

online work from home jobs part time

3. Marketing Automation

Average pay: $40 for beginners and higher pay for experienced professionals

Job scope: Design and automate digital marketing systems

High paying online jobs, you can learn online because several platforms can use to implement marketing automation. Some of these are Ontraport, HubSpot, Aweber, Convert Kit and MailChimp.


4. SEO Consulting Agency

Average pay: from $500 to +$ 10,000 per month

Job scope: sell SEO services to company / Lead acquisition

Businesses around the world need people to build their website but then to bring them traffic. Nowadays, what you need to do is to hire SEO experts in Asia while you are landing some clients with your marketing and network. Linkedin, Google/Bing Ads, PPC Campaigns, Instagram are good ways to land SEO Clients. Network in your own area and find businesses lacking any SEO strategy like restaurants, bars, lawyers, car dealers, etc. Contact them and bring them a solution to increase their leads. Use tools like SEMRush to find their weaknesses. Problem => Solution.

Negotiate an entry price than a monthly revenue per lead or per task. Find you experts on websites like THE HOTH, SEO Resellers who will do the job for half the price you have negotiated with your clients.

Land 5 clients at $500-1000 per month and you are good to go for the next 6 months for comfortable passive income.

online jobs

5. Coaching (large)

Average pay: from $50 per hour to +$ 10,000 per month.

Job scope: Coaching people to strengthen a particular skillset, mindset, etc.

By 2027, more than 50% of the US population will be Freelance. Are we ready for that? Seems that this is going to happen, Coaching is one of the online jobs work from home that gives you high pay.

Nowadays, the job market in IT and technology is evolving so fast that people do not have time to learn the new required skills on demand by companies. The Freelance Coaching business is quickly expanding and people are willing to pay important sums of money to be trained by experts. It can be absolutely anything.

Do you want to become a coach? Ask yourself if you have a particular skill set above the average. You do not need to have a PhD in the field, just being better than the average, up to you to promote yourself in your own way. Networking, paid traffic, writing an Ebook to build trust, etc.

Today, there are even coaches to help you to solve Porn Addiction, how to prepare mentally before interviews, how to build your speeches, Nutrition, Fitness, etc.

6. Freelance writing

Average pay: $15 to $40 per hour

Job scope: Online writing for posts, articles, ads

According to the US Department of Labor, the demand for writers gets an average growth of 6% from 2010 to 2020. If you are a full-packaged writer who can do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can even earn more than $40 per hour.


7. Online Tutor & Course

Average pay: $18 per hour / +$5,000 per month (if you sell many)

Job scope: Tutorial sessions to students from any country and other subjects. Selling your own Expertise via an online course platform

One of the fastest and high in demand businesses in the online education industry. There are several websites today that offer you to connect with students around the globe to tutor in a range of subjects. There are several best online tutorial sites you can search in Google, where one of them is the VIPKid.

Some tips to consider when looking for websites to work as an online tutor;

  • Check if lesson plans and course materials are provided
  • How soon you should start teaching
  • Schedule of the tutorial sessions
  • The company accepts non-teaching experienced tutors

Regarding Online Course, platforms like Thinkific and Teachable are great places to publish your Course Online.


8. Photographer

Average Pay: 20 to 50 cents per image sold

Job scope: Supplier of stock photos that business will purchase for their online presence optimization

One of the best high paying online jobs that are continuously growing is stock photography. Technavio forecasts that stock photo selling will reach at least 4$ Billion by 2020.

Websites need quality photos that will not commit plagiarism. Even you only have a smartphone and you are right in taking pictures, upload those images in image libraries. Every usage of royalty means profit.


9. Graphic designer

Average pay: $25 to $40 per hour (for beginners)

Job scope: designing graphics that can create engagements

Nicely designed images will reduce the bouncing back of website visits. A designer must be knowledgeable about branding, sales, and direct responses. A graphic designer must be learned on the better function of the web in the mobile device while maintaining the quality of graphics.


10. Proofreading

Average pay: $17.50 per hour

Job scope: Proofreading of books, kindle, academic papers, web content, and audio scripts

The job requires you to be keen and sensitive to typo and grammar errors. A proofreading job does not need certification and licenses. What you need are eagle-eyes that can quickly see and correct writing mistakes. Those eyes are your assets in making substantial money.

It is one of the high in demand online work from home jobs part-time that is trending in recent years until today. It is not also hard to find a client for proofreading services.


11. Scoping

Average pay: $20-30$ per hour

Job scope: Edit transcripts of court reports

A “Scopist” is someone that provides services to court reporters in transcription using a unique system of shorthand. It helps the court reporters to keep up their series of court proceedings job while someone is transcribing for them.


How to avoid scams?

Be aware that there are several spammers and fraudulent individuals on the web. Better know the legitimate online job platforms. Take time to research reviews, feedback, and comments. Some of the legitimate platforms are Glassdoor, Fiverr, Upwork, and Rarejobs.

If the employer will ask for money in exchange for the condition of hiring you for a job, then it is likely a scam.



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