11 Best Niches for Blogging

Updated: 25th of May 2020

Your blog’s niche should be in an area that matches both your expertise and interests. It should also have:

  • Good search volume and monetization opportunities.
  • Market demand and a high paying audience.
  • Keywords with high search volume and competition levels under 0.3.
  • Many quality products that you can promote.


These are the best niche for blogging where success is almost guaranteed because there is SO much money to be made. You do not have to be a big player in these niches to be making really good money. A few tips to get better sleep include:

  • Establish a bedtime routine to help you wind down each night.
  • Meditate or journal before sleep.
  • Turn off or put away all electronics 1-2 hours before you get into bed.
  • Taking natural supplements before bed such as melatonin and/or magnesium may be beneficial for some. I take both most nights!

The best way to earn a passive income is with affiliate marketing. These niches are good for affiliate marketers as you can find many offers for those niches on Clickbank, JVzoo, Commission Junction or Shareasale. Or simply with the Amazon Affiliate Program.


What Is The Best Niche To Make Money?


1. Weight Lossniche

This blog niche is HUGE. Why? A very large audience, thanks to our new consumers’ behaviors. At some point, everyone is interested to lose weight once in his life. There are so many affiliate programs out there, that you do not always need a website. Again, to have a blog about it will help. Many women aged 30+ can make good sales with weight loss products. You can outsource it as well if you are not concerned by this niche. However, the main target remains the females.


2. Self-HelpBest niche for blogging

It’s a Mindset niche market. What you can do to improve yourself, health, Love, Money, etc. People in this niche are more addicted to products than many other niches.  When you invest in yourself, money flows faster, and this is the best investment you can do, yourself. Many passive commissions can be done in this niche.



3. Make Money Online (Internet Marketing)Best niche for blogging

This best niche for blogging is the most profitable form all over other niches with a higher average earning per subscription. Products are expensive in general and with monthly abonnements. Most people (like me) will see it as a good investment, as explained in the introduction, as you can’t build a business and make money without good foundations. Conversions are also a little bit higher. Many people are earning very good in this Niche.


You cannot arrive like this in this Niche. You need to have some technical background and the learning curve is longer. People expect more expertise in this niche than others.


4. Making Money (In General)blog niches that make money

It’s more crossover blog niches that make money as here you can talk about Forex, Real Estate, Online businesses, Ecommerce, etc. People in this niche are just interested in Make Money Opportunities. Again, many big-ticket products thus commission to earn here.


5. Diet/NutritionNiche market

It’s like the Weight loss niche but extended to a larger audience. People are interested in eating good food in general, not necessarily to lose weight. It can be Muscle building and Fitness, solving health issues, or just living a healthy life.

However, the main target remains females.


what is the best niche to make money6. Muscle Building – Fitness

If weight loss is oriented at females, muscle building is oriented more to the males. It’s also a very large niche. Nowadays, many people are spending a large amount of their monthly salary to buy Fitness or muscle building products. It covers weight loss, diet, training, and health supplements.



7. Dating and Relationships for Men11 Best Niches for Blogging

Many dating sites have affiliate programs and, in this niche, the people stay for years subscribed to many of them. Its long time recurring commission for you! Almost most men have an ongoing interest in Dating women, partnered or not…

This is the Self-help blog niches that make money but for males.

Products to promote will range from general relationship products, self-help, muscle-building products, and weight loss products, even make-money-online products!


11 Best Niches for Blogging8. Dating and Relationships for Women

On platforms like Clickbank, some people are making even 7 figures revenues with this niche yearly, while 6 figures revenues are almost common.

There are many high quality, high converting products to promote. It can be a dreamland for affiliates. Many places to advertise, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Solo Ads, Google Ads, you can promote it almost everywhere. The traffic will keep increasing in this niche. Very profitable.


9. Spirituality and Alternative Beliefs

11 Best Niches for Blogging

Close to the self-help niche market, it is a crossover with geography and demographics. Subscribers in this niche love discovering more about themselves and their place in the universe. They love getting free reports about themselves (which converts to paid products quite easily).


11 Best Niches for Blogging10. Pets Training

Not talking about Cats here, as this animal can be hard to train. Dogs, however, might have more than 500 breeds and around 15 common behavior problems. There is a high volume of search terms in this niche. Bad behavior can lead to problems, so these people are willing to spend money on a solution. People in this niche are passionate about their dogs and love learning about them and spending money on them. Good news!


11. Beauty11 Best Niches for Blogging

We live in a world of appearance where the number of people “looking” beautiful is increasing. People spend their free time at the gym, getting a shaped body, eating healthy food, etc. All of these filters from Snapchat, Instagram, etc, help a lot to make everyone beautiful. People are ready to spend an enormous amount of money on their own body and face shape, thus Diet/Nutrition + Dating + Fitness + Beauty are evergreen niches and profitable for marketers like you.

Even though it’s been a long time women are spending a lot of money is this niche, now men as well and guess what, they have even more purchasing power! You will find a lot of men and women beauty program offers on platforms like Clickbank, and finally looking at the numbers of views by millions on makeup tutorials, this niche will remain always profitable.


Why these Niches are good?

  • Evergreen
  • Proven Profitable,
  • People like to receive emails about these topics. Period.


Research Other Blogs

Once you have picked your niche, perform keywords research and look at your competitors, bookmark them and visit them regularly, analyze their site, etc.

I use these free tools to do it:

Make a list of the top 20 keywords you want to rank for and check:

  • Who’s already ranking for them
  • Domain Authority.

Who is your target? Keyword Research tools: 

If you are serious about your business, check the following with tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush:

  • Who is visiting your competitors, from where what age?
  • Organic keywords they rank for!

Happy Blogging!

Niels Dale

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