8+ Best Keyword Research Tool For Effective SEO

Do you know that many of the content writers and publishers think that keyword planning have died because of the proliferation of machine learning technologies? All of them are wrong! The success of any blog article is dependent on SEO. The keyword planning forms a big part of the success of an SEO to rank high in the Google SERP. A content writer must select the best keyword research tool and search the appropriate keywords that must be included in the article.

Keyword research is the core of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click, and blog campaign. If you are not bidding the right keywords, then your blog site will not create traffic, leads, and customers. People visiting and clicking the search engine box will not be able to see your article.

best keyword research tool

Benefits Of Keyword Research

  • Know the relevance of keywords to use to make you visible in the search engine

Today, a keyword is the currency of the search engine market. People type the relevant type words in the search engine box to seek answers on their questions and problems. Your website will become valuable on the web if people give your site the value through its keywords. There are hundreds and thousands of website of the niche that is the same as you. The only way for you to compete and be on top of the search engine page is the use of the keyword planner tool.

  • Understand the in-depth analytics of the keywords

The keyword planner tool can help you dig-deep the value of every keyword that is relevant to your website. The best tip is to use long-tail keywords to get the exact target visitors. Long-tail keywords have less competition and you get a better chance to rank high in the search engines.

  • Identify the best target profitable niche

It will help you assess the potential market of your particular niche. The more you generate the best fit keywords, the more chances you uncover the opportunities. For example, thousands of individuals are searching for opportunities for working from home. It is important to know the keywords to target for your website to be easily read by the searchers of the topic.

  • Monitor your competitors

The keyword planner tool will help you know what are your competitors currently doing and find out their best practices. You need to understand that in the competition in the world of the search engine is difficult to rank on the first page. The metrics are useful data for you to strategize your keyword use and positioning.

best keyword research tool

Introducing the Google Robots that affect your Keyword planning

  1. Google PandaThe bot was launched last February 24, 2011. The algorithm was designed to check duplications, plagiarism, too thin content, spamming generation, and keyword stuffing.Panda is responsible for giving the quality score of a web page that becomes the basis of the ranking factor. Panda crawls and checks the number of words of your content. It is capable of identifying spamming in content, especially when keyword stuffing is happening. It can analyze a content if it commits plagiarism, or else penalties will be given to your site by not putting it on the index.
  2. Google HummingbirdLaunched last August 22, 2013, Hummingbird bot is capable of interpreting search queries and provide results that match the intent of the one asking. At this time, keywords play an essential role as they are the ones that Hummingbird will crawl and search. When the right keywords are used and placed at the proper density, Hummingbird will rank the page in the SERP.The technique is to expand the keyword research to keyword ideas. These could be synonyms or co-occurring terminologies. A Keyword planner tool will provide those needed keyword ideas for the bot to rank the site.


An effective SEO and success of a content campaign varies and differs on


Best Keyword Research Tool to use

A survey was sent to top SEO professionals and was asked for their most preferred best SEO optimization tools. The following are the results;

Rank 1: SEMrush                                             84 votes

Rank 2: Google Keyword Planner                    58 votes

Rank 3: Ahrefs                                                  52 votes

Rank 4: Keyword Tool.io                                   20 votes

Rank 5: Search console                                   15 votes

Rank 6: AnswerThePublic                                14 votes

Rank 7: Buzzsumo                                           12 votes

Rank 8: Ubersuggest                                       11 votes

Rank 9: KWFinder                                           10 votes


Now, let us see the top-rated best keyword planner tool that you can use for content writing campaign.


1. SEMrush

One of the best SEO optimization tools capable of backlink tracking and provide desktop and mobile search breakdowns. It can offer keyword suggestions and SEO recommendations.

Although the tool features carry the beta tag, SEMrush can still be considered as the most reliable optimization platform with robust monitoring across domains, keyword research, and crawling. The tool may not be perfect but can make your business be at a serious edge to compete.

  • The SEMrush can provide proactive suggestions and optimization recommendations. It can offer you semantic ideas, content ideas, backlink ideas, and technical SEO ideas.
  • It integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search console. It also provides traffic analytics.
  • Keyword Magic. A new featured tool of SEMrush that can generate three million keyword ideas based on a seed keyword.


2. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a comprehensive yet straightforward keyword planner tool that can help SEO professionals and content writers plan and identify appropriate keywords.

  • It provides data on keyword maximum CPC and competition level, search volume, and Ad group suggestion. However, it does not offer a negative keyword list and does not suggest long-tail keywords.
  • The keyword interfacing is simple. With the information given the business can forecast volume or traction by using medium competing keywords
  • The tool is fit for all kinds of business. Although not so much as to features and tools but the fact that it is part of the bloodstream flow of Google’s crawling pathway, this tool maintains to be one fo the crown favorite among SEO professionals

Yet, many SEO professionals still use Google keyword planner even if they have a premium SEMrush or Ahrefs because the integrity of Google Keyword planner is considered high given that Google still owns them. Of course, Google bots are likely to give a bias to Google’s keyword planner.

SEO professionals love Google Keyword planner because it is user-friendly, dynamic, results-oriented, and free of charge.


3. Ahrefs

One of the best SEO optimization tools that are considered to be exceptional in its capability in site-specific and internet-wide crawling. Capable of giving intense ad-hoc keyword research and the domain monitoring and comparison features are comprehensive.

Although it does not have a built-in keyword management and limited SEO reporting, Ahrefs still a robust keyword planning tool that is a caliber on web crawling and backlink indexing. Ahrefs can cover all primary SEO bases.

Ahrefs has the most extensive index of backlink with currently more than 12 trillion historical backlinks and 6 billion web pages crawling every day.

  • Even if the Ahrefs dashboard may be reasonably thin, but it is user-friendly enough to explore. Tools are properly in-placed, such as application programming interface, browser toolbar, domain comparison, and analysis of backlinks.
  • You can see URLs scores and metrics such as URL rating, Ahrefs ranking score, and links to social media.
  • Ahrefs do not give the average user a target keyword. Hence, Ahrefs improved is keyword database from 300 million to 3.1 billion keywords.
  • Ahrefs is growing strong on on-going search position monitoring SEO and crawling. Ahrefs is capable of breaking down organic keywords and traffic as well as paid search.
  • Email alerts to track backlinks, new keywords, and brand mentions are one of the spectacular features of Ahrefs. The dashboard offers a simple click button to create an alert that is sent directly to your email. This feature makes Ahrefs have a straightforward capacity to monitor the SEO health of a website.

best keyword research tool

4. Keywordtool.io

The realities of SEO:

  • Google keyword planner has never been able to pull related phrases in the valuable search box suggestions
  • Google hid search volume data since 2016
  • Google connects related keywords
  • Long-tail keywords play an immense importance

Three important elements of the tool:

  1. “find keywords” tool

You can get possible Google-suggested and auto-complete phrases.

You get to access frequently searched platforms like YouTube, Bing, and Amazon. Filtering can also happen by language, location, and Google country domain.

  1. “Analyze competitors tool

It allows you to search and analyze the specific website of competitors.

  1. “Check search volume” tool

It allows you to get the search volume of a keyword and the master list of keywords.

5. Google Search console

The best SEO optimization tool that dishes out data straight from the horse’s mouth. The data are what Google has found. Although it is a keyword planner conceived by Google, many of the SEO professionals do not trust the accuracy and integrity of the data. That is why they balance the use of Google search as a free keyword planner tool to premium tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

  • You can get to know the link data which Google has in your site
  • Provide analytics of your site ranking
  • It has crawling and indexing tools. It is the ultimate strength of Google Search Console that SEO’s maximize by interfacing data from premium keyword planner with the indexing capacity of the search console.

Overall, the utmost advantage of Search Console is you give a direct connection to Google. It is a high recommendation that it should be part of the SEO work you will be doing.


6. Answer The Public

A keyword tool with an automation feature. When you type a keyword into the Google search box, the automation feature will give you a suggestion of popular search terms based on the keyword you type.

The tool is so cool because you will be typing and thinking the way users will search, which can even be in a sentence format or question format.  The way we search today is we go to specific information that we want to be answered.

This keyword planner tool is useful when you are in the difficulty of looking for inspiration for what keyword must be appropriate. The tool can give you the idea of finding niche keywords to target.

  • It is free
  • No downloading is required
  • It saves you time because of its automation features

The downside of this tool is suggestions are not always relevant to what you are looking for, and it is not practical for finding specific keywords.


7. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo takes the lead in allowing you to monitor the reputation status of your brand, including the mentions in the whole internet. By simply entering the details of the role, website, and name of your business, you can automatically monitor the audience’s insights about your brand.

The tools will give you notifications whenever the brand is mentioned on the web, either positively or negatively.

  • It helps you create content that is popular with content marketers and readers.
  • Enter the keyword, and you will see the analytics of engagements.
  • You can filter what the real-time trending topics and most engagements of the audience are
  • Type your brand or your website, and the tool will give you’re the engagements of articles related to your brand. For content writers, it is useful because you can calculate the potential return and the effort you are going to spend in content creation, distribution, and marketing.
  • Without a backlink, your content will be nothing. Type the URL and search, and you get the shared backlinks with total engagements.


8. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest have over 38,000 backlinks, 8,400 referring domains, and 110,000 monthly visitors.

Ubersuggest accuracy… well, comparing the keyword volume of Ubersuggest versus Google Keyword Planner, the latter claims to have a huge number compared to Ubersuggest. Probably both have not updated the keywords searches. However, there is no such SEO tool that is 100%.

Since the keyword planner tool is free, it is still significant and trusted;

  • The tool can even give substantial data of analytics to find phrases and content ideas
  • You can get the concept of the degree of difficulty of keywords to rank
  • CPC is recorded and useful
  • You can get the sense of the style of how you can use the keywords to a niche or content

Types of keyword that Ubersuggest can offer as the best keyword research tool:

  • Transactional Keywords. These are the search terms that are intentionally done for buying. Users use these words to purchase something. For example:
      • Best running shoes under $50
      • Affordable laptops for $800
  • Informational Keywords. These are keywords used to make blog posts and other activities like tutorials and guides. The searchers are not necessarily wanting to purchase something, but they wanted to learn something.


9. KWFinder

The keyword planner tool is useful in Adhoc keyword searches. It gives a detailed related keyword suggestion and can be installed as an extension to Google. It is affordable and easy to use.

  • Even a newbie in content writing can use KWfinder. The tool is straightforward.
  • The metric chart gives you right away the suggested keywords. It also gives you a graph providing the insights of the trend over the past year, average by month, and average per cost per click.
  • Excellent presentation of keyword lists citing the ranking difficulty
  • The targeted keyword list is not too deep. However, you can export the keywords to other keyword planning tool
  • Since it is free, you can rely on its ability to give a long-tailed keyword



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